Charges Against Your Child Require an Experienced Juvenile Crimes Attorney


Charges Against Your Child Require an Experienced Juvenile Crimes Attorney

August 17, 2017

You take the charges against your child seriously. So should your juvenile crimes attorney. The good news is that the juvenile courts are designed more to rehabilitate than to punish. That said, this doesn’t mean that you can simply let your child go through the system and see how it goes. You must have a […]

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A Public Defender is in No Position to Handle Your Drug Trafficking Case

August 11, 2017

Any drug crime can come with serious legal consequences but this is never more true than when it comes to drug trafficking cases. While California drug laws have in some ways become more lenient thanks to Prop 47, this doesn’t apply to charges of drug trafficking. This is a serious charge that requires an experienced […]

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A DUI Charge Doesn’t Have to Change Your Life: Learn About Your Options

August 5, 2017

We know that a DUI arrest can make a person feel helpless. We know that the officer who arrested you likely made you feel as though there are no options available to you. They likely tried to convince you that the evidence is airtight and your only option is to plead guilty. is here to […]

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Of Course You Wanted to Maximize Your Insurance Benefits: What to Do If You Were Charged with Fraud

July 27, 2017

Insurance premiums do nothing but rise and it’s really no surprise that some people may cross a line when trying to make sure they get all the benefits they’re entitled to. If you have an insurance provider that you know is investigating a claim you made, and you’re concerned that you’re going to be charged […]

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Is It Possible for You to Clean Up Your Criminal Record? Learn About Expungement Options in California

July 20, 2017

Being convicted of a crime can follow you around for the rest of your life. It can make it difficult to get a job, it can make it hard to find a place to live, and it can make it impossible to get professional licenses. The good news is that in some cases, expungement is […]

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Accused of Violating Parole? An Attorney Could Help You

July 13, 2017

Getting out of prison on parole is a huge relief but the bad news is that you still haven’t recovered all of your rights and you are still not entirely free. The justice system will put many restrictions on anyone who’s on parole, and violating any of these restrictions can be a serious situation. In […]

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A Charge of Money Laundering Requires Quick action by the Accused

July 6, 2017

If you’ve been charged with any crime, contacting a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible is your best bet. That’s doubly true when it comes to charges of money laundering. Read on to learn why you must reach out as soon as possible and then do so by calling at . Money laundering can […]

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You Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty: Get the Aggressive Defense You Need to Charges of Rape

June 27, 2017

imply being accused of rape can be life changing. This is why recommends you immediately contact a rape defense attorney not just after you’re charged but as soon as you find out that you’re a person of interest in the case. We know how serious the stigma can be. We recognize that you are a […]

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Have You Been Charged with Stealing Trade Secrets? Speak with an Attorney Who Can Help

June 20, 2017

If you’re charged with or accused of stealing trade secrets then you don’t just need a criminal defense attorney – you need an attorney with experience handling trade secret theft defense. While it may sound like a rare charge that only happens when someone steals something as big as the secret recipe at KFC, the […]

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Every Accusation of Assault and Battery Should Be Taken Seriously

June 14, 2017

It’s extremely common for assault and battery to be charged together. In fact, many people assume that “assault and battery” is a single crime. In fact, there are two different crimes and there are different statutes that govern them. If you’ve been accused of one or both, then you should immediately contact an experienced assault […]

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