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Hi, Lisa & Patricia! I am so happy, I just passed my citizenship interview!!!! Thank you for all your work. I really appreciate everything you (The Mattern Law Firm) did for my case. Thank you so much!

- J.F. June 18, 2021

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The Mattern Law Firm and Lisa are professionals who value each client as an individual. They provide exceptional service and are upfront about what to expect and potential outcomes. Lisa has many years of experience and is familiar with the workings of the various courts around the LA area and surrounding counties. She worked tirelessly on my case and provided updates frequently. She and her staff communicate well and provided timely communication to me and my family. I never felt alone in my fight and had a real support system in The Mattern Law Firm. Exceptional value and extraordinary service from one of the best in business. Trust Lisa with your case and you will obtain the best possible outcome.

- Drew T. May 20, 2020

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Amazing voice

I consulted with her. She was amazingly gracious and offered me advice that gave me hope to undo my mistakes. I got carried away and lost track of time but she was patient with me all the way. THANK YOU!

- Anonymous March 22, 2018

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Best Attorney

Attorney Mattern is very good at what she does. She got my case dismissed after my first lawyer wanted my to plea guilty to a lesser charge. He told me that my case was very difficult and was going to lead to a conviction. Ms Mattern took over my case after the second pretrial and got me a dismissal. Very real story. The City of Hawthorne was very difficult with respect to my case and wanted a conviction.

- A Criminal Defense client June 1, 2016

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I am very pleased!

I hired Lisa Mattern to handle a criminal case after reading other positive reviews on Avvo. Lisa is very professional, followed up with me when she said she would follow up with me and kept me well informed of my case. I am more than happy to have hired Lisa because the outcome of my case was favorable, and I believe Lisa did everything in her power for my outcome to be favorable. I will gladly refer anyone seeking legal assistance to Mattern.

- Lisa June 1, 2016

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Expert Criminal Defense Attorney

I have used several attorneys over the years. I found Ms. Mattern to be the best one I have had. I would recommend her to anyone who needs the best defense attorney. She is very understanding and very good at communicating your options to you. She fought extremely hard for me and made sure I got the best possible results. If needed, I would use Ms. Mattern’s services again.

- A Criminal Defense client July 6, 2015

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Attorney Angel Will Fight Your Fight With Impeccable Skills, Due Diligence and Compassion
If you want to be represented in a legal matter by a angel who has the prowess to conceive and execute precise strategies and tactics that will work to your advantage, contact Atty. Lisa Henderson Mattern immediately. Your fight will become her fight, and you’ll be forever grateful you made a superb choice.

Looking at the total picture is part of Atty. Mattern’s strategic planning for optimal results. At the beginning of a case, nobody knows for sure what tests may be inconsistent or what “secrets” will come out in discovery or what cutthroat and substandard manipulations an opponent may succumb to in an effort to win at any cost. Mistakes can happen by the bucketful in criminal trials, and you’ll want an attorney who tailors a defense perfectly suited to your needs in light of the available evidence as well as exploiting any discrepancies in the discovery or proceedings. Atty. Mattern has a sweet and gently nature, but don’t let that confuse you. I have no doubt she’s a fierce bulldog in a courtroom and not afraid of grilling a witness to the point where any credibility he might have had disintegrates completely on the spot. You can count of having your rights protected to the fullest extent of the law instead of being steamrolled over by an over-enthusiastic prosecutor who wants a “guilty” verdict without having appropriate or adequate evidence.

The harsh ramifications of making a bad decision in selecting an attorney can leave you paralyzed in a system of corrections for an indefinite period of time. Atty. Mattern’s strong work ethic, determination and commitment can assist you during the toughest of times, and all along you’ll be amazed at how caring and compassion she is during the struggle to you and people you care about. She has the kind of initiative that any defendant would dream of seeing in his attorney, and her ability to explain complex legal “spider webs” in straightforward and easy-to-understand terms is incredible and impressive. You will understand everything that happens so there won’t be any unexpected surprises to haunt you.
Ms. Mattern had no obligation to do what she did for me, and what started as answering a question on on Christmas Eve was pretty amazing in itself since most attorneys are not willing to sacrifice holiday time, but for her to help me beyond that shows her impeccable drive to see people get the best legal assistance possible. Her initiative and due diligence inspired trust when a legal process gone haywire and had stripped any faith I had in our system that is supposed to be fair and just. Atty. Mattern restored my faith in humans by her generous and exquisitely refined legal expertise and generous giving. She made a huge difference in my life, and her actions will help others, including taxpayers, because if it weren’t for her, I’d have filed unnecessary papers. Selfless angels like that aren’t everywhere; you have to get their help when you first find them.

Atty. Mattern has impressive professional credits, and she’s an articulate legal scholar. Her dedication to help others regardless of the personal or professional cost to her is awesome. If your struggles are overbearing, you need someone you can depend on. Atty. Mattern knows the justice system like the back of her hand and can ease the burden immensely. She exemplifies the very best attributes of a superior attorney and displays a level of professionalism, confidence and skill that every attorney should aspire to achieve. Atty. Mattern loves the law, and her gift is giving back by helping people understand it in a way that it benefits them. She gives back with her honesty, dedication and integrity, all of which motivate her to help others with legal matters. Her inherent and uncanny talent of finding cogent solutions for problems of her clients will be well utilized, so call her now and let her help you solve your legal dilemma.

- Pat January 2, 2014

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A great attorney when you need one

I have known Lisa for many years and she is a wonderful friend. I never expected to need the services of a criminal defense attorney but when the time came that I did, she was there for me. She handled all aspects of the issue quickly and efficiently, provided me with a very realistic perspective and guidance and kept me apprised of things on a regular basis until she was able to resolve everything to my satisfaction. It was great that she handled things in such a supportive manner. That certainly made all the difference in the world to me.

I strongly recommend Lisa to anyone in need of an attorney, especially if they want to get results quickly and get their life back in order and not get dragged through the system unnecessarily.

- A Criminal Defense client November 20, 2013

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