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Accused of Committing a Sex Crime in California? Call Attorney Mattern Today


Accused of Committing a Sex Crime in California? Call Attorney Mattern Today

December 9, 2021
Accused of Committing a Sex Crime in California? Call Attorney Mattern Today

Everyone knows that sex crimes are not taken lightly, especially in the state of California. Even in prison systems, sex crimes are highly frowned up, especially if repeated multiple times and/or committed against young children. So, imagine what the repercussions would be for someone who engaged in a sex crime like sexual assault, rape, or child molestation.

Sex Crimes Can Have Severe Consequences

Even if a sex crime is committed one time, the consequences are strong for offenders who are proven guilty. Prison time, fat fines, and/or even the requirement to be placed (sometimes permanently) on the sex offender list are punishments for someone who has been found guilty of a sex crime in California. Add multiple offenses to that or violence to the act, and the consequences will be even stronger – sometimes even requiring life in prison.

Due to the heavy consequences and the tarnishing of your reputation that a sex crime can bring, it’s imperative to do your best to fight in court if you’ve been wrongfully accused of committing such a crime. Never take a situation like this lightly. You deserve justice to be served in your favor as the innocent party.

Fight Against a Wrongful Sex Charge in California

Fighting against something like a sex charge is not easy, especially if you do it on your own. The best way to stand up for yourself is to get a quality criminal defense attorney on board to help present evidence of your innocence and proof that the other party is lying or was misunderstood regarding who actually committed the crime. An attorney could do you a lot of good with a case like this that tends to be highly anxiety-provoking for someone who simply wants their charges to be dismissed and be found innocent, as they should be if they truly are innocent.

Lisa Mattern, a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles County, urges you to get in contact with her right away if you have received wrongful allegations of committing a sex crime in California. Your life could be changed for the worse forever if your case is not properly fought, but with Mattern by your side, you can rest assured that things will go much smoother and more efficiently, and in the end, the results are more likely to go your way.

Get a consultation with Attorney Mattern by calling 310-342-8254. She looks forward to hearing from you.

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