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Aggressively Defend Your Rights for False Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse in Compton CA


Aggressively Defend Your Rights for False Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse in Compton CA

February 17, 2021
Aggressively Defend Your Rights for False Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse in Compton CA

Finding out that someone is accusing you of doing something you’d never do is hurtful as is, but knowing that you’re being accused of committing a crime as serious as sexual abuse upon a minor child is a whole new level of hurt, let alone, pure disgust. It’s never right to accuse anyone of anything, but it most definitely isn’t okay to spread rumors or even press charges against someone for a very serious crime who is completely innocent, but unfortunately, it happens – and probably more than many of us might realize.

Reasons Behind False Allegations

You might be at a complete loss for words after receiving the news of your allegation, but it helps to know why someone might accuse you from the start. Knowing the “why” behind all of this can help you remain strong when court time comes along.

One might falsely accuse you of a crime due to:

  • A genuine mistake or misunderstanding (e.g., you look similar to the real perpetrator)
  • Retaliation for something else you said or did
  • Jealously or hatred
  • Mental or intellectual illness
  • Faulty interviewing techniques

No matter how strongly others believe you’re the perpetrator of a sexual abuse crime or even how convincing the allegation might be, the truth will eventually be revealed with a skilled sexual abuse criminal defense attorney. Always remember that.

Don’t Let an Accusation Determine Your Future

The worst thing you could do for yourself and the future of the criminal justice system as a whole is allow your false accusation to get you slapped with some serious consequences as a result of your “criminal ways.” Instead of accepting this fate, you deserve to have the opportunity to speak out and voice your side of the story presented with in-depth evidence that can prove exactly why you are innocent after all.

If you’re ready to defend yourself and your rights in the courtroom, do not hesitate to talk with a criminal defense attorney about your options. The right attorney can walk you through the process and help you out significantly along the way – and that right attorney might just be Lisa Mattern in the Southern California area.

If you’re experiencing a false accusation of sexual abuse upon a child in or near Compton, CA, the best thing you could do is contact Ms. Mattern right away. Her phone number is 310-342-8254 if you’re interested in receiving a free consultation.

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