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Allow Attorney Lisa Mattern to Help Defend You Against a Violent Crime You’ve Been Accused of in Compton CA


Allow Attorney Lisa Mattern to Help Defend You Against a Violent Crime You’ve Been Accused of in Compton CA

August 6, 2020
Allow Attorney Lisa Mattern to Help Defend You Against a Violent Crime You've Been Accused of in Compton CA

Violent crimes are nothing short of serious. It can be scary being involved in one, and it’s just as scary going to court and doing everything you can do to try to get your case dismissed or your consequences lessened as much as possible. But it’s even scarier being told that you committed a violent act when you’re 100% certain that you never have.

We know the struggle. Being accused of doing anything that you didn’t do can make you feel a lot of hurt and anger. How can nobody trust you; yet, they can trust misinformation that’s being spread about you either by a crazy ex, long-time frenemy, or even an eye witness who completely misinterpreted the situation or accused you instead of the right person? It’s all around a bad situation to be involved in, no matter why you’re being accused.

That’s why criminal defense attorneys exist. The Mattern Law Firm in Compton, CA is a great example of a law firm who can handle even the most serious of violent crime cases.

Examples of Violent Crimes

There are many different things that can happen to make a violent crime be considered violent. The use of a weapon on another person, a physical attack, the use of force during unwanted sexual penetration, or even threats of violent in the midst of a heated argument can all be considered a violent crime.

From assault and battery to domestic violence, Lawyer Lisa Mattern is willing to defend clients in just about any area of violent crime.

Even if You Committed the Crime, You Can Still Receive Criminal Defense

Often, Lisa Mattern receive clients who require criminal defense for a crime they never actually committed. However, she also takes on clients who have committed a violent crime but, however, are firm believers that the charges or punishments being held against them are unfair based on the circumstances. In this case, Mattern can do everything in her power to try to get the court to ease up on you.

Request a Free Consultation with Lisa Mattern Today

Violent crime accusations are things you want to act quickly on. Being found guilty can negatively impact your life in ways you never thought possible. That said, the best thing to do would be to contact a criminal defense attorney in Compton, CA who is knowledgeable in violent crimes.

Attorney Lisa Mattern might be a great lawyer for you. Call her now at 310-342-8254 to see if your case would be an excellent match for her field of work.

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