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Are You a Registered Sex Offender in California? You May Need a Defense Attorney


Are You a Registered Sex Offender in California? You May Need a Defense Attorney

December 24, 2019
Are You a Registered Sex Offender in California? You May Need a Defense Attorney

After committing a certain sex crime in California, the accused individual – once proven guilty – is required under Megan’s Law to register as a sex offender. Once registered, the public has access to a free, online database where they are usually provided with the full name, picture, home address, crime(s) committed, and sometimes other information about the sex offenders in the state of California. The database gives people, especially parents of young children, greater peace of mind regarding their safety.

However, even one-time, minor sex crimes can land someone on the sex offender list for a minimum of 10 years (tier 1). Tier 2 requires those convicted to be registered for 20 years, and for very serious crimes (tier 3), offenders are in the database for life.

Due to how public this database is and, thus, how it can impact an individual’s personal, work, and social life, nobody will want to be registered as a sex offender. In addition, the length of time one is required to be on this list doesn’t make things easier for the offender.

If you’ve been wrongfully accused of committing a sex crime or have been force to register as a sex offender when you believe you weren’t supposed to be required to, read on to find out how a defense attorney in Los Angeles, CA may be able to help you.

How You Can Get Off the Sex Offender List

For those who have been convicted of Penal Code 647.6 (née Penal Code section 647a) Annoying or Molesting a Child; Penal Code 243.4(a) Sexual Battery by Restraint; or any offense committed against a close relative not involving penetration or oral copulation, and you have already completed or are currently completing probation, you may have the opportunity to be taken off the Sex Offender Registry in California. In order to have your registry potentially voided, you must fill out an Application for Removal and submit it to the California Department of Justice.

However, if the latter scenarios do not apply to you, there are still other ways you can be excluded from the registry with the help of a defense attorney.

Ms. Mattern of the Mattern Law Firm can review your case to see if there are any legal ways to appeal your requirement for registration. She may also be able to get you a Certificate of Rehabilitation to void your need for registry. Or if you’ve committed a violation pertaining to the registration requirements of Megan’s Law, Ms. Mattern may be able to prove that your violation isn’t willful to prevent you from receiving further charges.

Are You Considered a Sex Offender? Contact a California Defense Attorney Now

Being on the Sex Offender Registry can make it difficult to get a job, make it harder to move into certain homes, and create roadblocks with dating. One of the quickest ways to potentially get removed from this list is to contact a California defense attorney to help support you in court as you fight your registry or Megan’s Law violation.

Call Lawyer Lisa Mattern today at 310-342-8254 for a free consultation today.

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