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Attorney Lisa Mattern Has Been Resolving Violent Crimes in Southern California Since 2007


Attorney Lisa Mattern Has Been Resolving Violent Crimes in Southern California Since 2007

July 22, 2021
Attorney Lisa Mattern Has Been Resolving Violent Crimes in Southern California Since 2007

Just about everyone knows that crimes that are violent in nature tend to have greater legal consequences. After all, to the public, someone who is violent is not trusted to live within normal society. Regardless of the consequences, though, these types of crimes still happen everywhere you go. A violent crime might be the result of someone being under the influence. It might be a form of self-defense. There may even be a mental health component to blame or another crime behind it (e.g., a robbery, taking part in gang-related activity, etc.).

Whatever the reasoning might be, this is one of the many factors that play a role in how long (and whether or not) one will be prosecuted for the crime. It also matters what type of violent crime the person is being charged with.

Types of Violent Crimes One Can Be Convicted Of

There are so many different types of violent crimes out there. These crimes can range from relatively mild to severe depending on the specific type of crime and the general details surrounding the crime, including what led up to it.

The types of violent crimes that Criminal Defense Attorney, Lisa Mattern, handles in the Los Angeles area include assault and battery, Megan’s Law, domestic violence, sexual battery, kidnapping, vehicular manslaughter, homicide, rape, gang-related offenses, and sex crimes. Chances are, if it contains something physical or sexual, Lisa Mattern has the knowledge, experience, and interest to take on the case.

Hire Lisa Mattern as Your California Violent Crime Attorney

Not everyone has a clean slate. Violent Crime Criminal Defense Attorney, Lisa Mattern, makes no judgments. She wants to help. Whether your crime happened and was a result of your actions or was based upon a false accusation, Lisa Mattern can help you potentially get out of or soften your prospective conviction. After all, not everyone deserves to receive the harshest punishment possible. Not to mention, sometimes there’s more than what meets the eye. Just because someone walks into a courtroom with an accusation plastered on a document does not make them a criminal. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty in Ms. Mattern’s eyes.

In any situation where you are being accused of committing a violent crime in the state of California, it’s highly recommended that you get a good lawyer on board. Lisa Mattern would be delighted to suit up with you to help solve your legal case. The best way to find out if Mattern is a great attorney-client match for you is to take advantage of a free consultation in Southern California.

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