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Attorney Mattern Can Help You Fight for Justice for a Sex Crime You Didn’t Commit in Buena Park CA


Attorney Mattern Can Help You Fight for Justice for a Sex Crime You Didn’t Commit in Buena Park CA

January 11, 2021
Attorney Mattern Can Help You Fight for Justice for a Sex Crime You Didn't Commit in Buena Park CA

It stings to know that you’re deemed a criminal when criminal behavior is not in your past, present, or even your future. How could you be accused of a crime you didn’t do? Unfortunately, false accusations are a thing not just in the real world – but yes – even in the world of criminal justice where you’d assume (and hope) that everyone would but nothing but truthful. However, lies will be said from time to time, information might be left out, other information might be twisted around, and even some misconceptions or misunderstandings might be spoken as if they were the truth. Humans aren’t perfect.

But perhaps one of the absolute worst crimes to be accused of are sex crimes, which can stay permanently on your record, land you on a sex offender list for the public to see, and even lead to jail or prison time. Say goodbye to potential jobs, your dating life, housing opportunities, the list goes on. In general, being charged wrongfully with a sex crime can dramatically change the course of your life for the worst.

You Can Be Wrongfully Accused of Any Sex Crime

It’s more than possible for someone – anyone – to accuse you of absolutely any type of sex crime out there from minor to major. This might include rape, molestation, possession of child pornography, attempted sexual assault, the list goes on. And if they other party is convincing enough, you might just be found guilty even though, deep down, you aren’t. But one thing is for certain: all sex crimes have serious consequences, and even more consequences if they are violent, so you must fight hard to ensure you don’t get charged.

Eventually, the Truth will Come Out

If you fight hard enough, the truth will be revealed one way or another. Maybe the other party will slip up or accidentally reveal information that proves themselves a liar, or maybe you’ll have a piece of evidence that ultimately proves your innocence.

No matter how the truth gets revealed in the end, it greatly helps to have someone who can defend you, speak on your behalf, and present your evidence in the most convincing and logical way possible. That can be done when using the services of a criminal defense attorney.

Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Buena Park CA for the Best Protection

It’s not necessary to hire a criminal defense attorney in the event that you’re accused of a sex crime you didn’t commit. However, one can offer the most protection and defense for you in court. Not to mention, you can enjoy less stress and a clearer focus with an attorney by your side.

Call Lisa Mattern, a sex crime defense attorney, for legal services in Buena Park, CA at 310-342-8254.

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