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Being Wrongfully Prosecuted for Battery in Palmdale CA? Now is the Time to Get Legal Help


Being Wrongfully Prosecuted for Battery in Palmdale CA? Now is the Time to Get Legal Help

May 24, 2021

Being Wrongfully Prosecuted for Battery in Palmdale CA? Now is the Time to Get Legal HelpDid your sibling ever “tell” on you, only for it to be a lie? Maybe they said you broke Mom’s expensive vase, but in reality, it was them. Maybe they blamed you for saying a bad word that you didn’t say simply because they wanted you to get grounded for whatever reason. It sucks to have to convince your parents that you’re innocent, because in their heads, why would your sibling make things up? What they often don’t realize is that they might lie in these scenarios to retaliate.

Well, it turns out, adults lie and make things up too. Not only that, but the human brain isn’t exactly accurate at remembering details, let alone, pinpointing exactly what happened in a specific scenario or who was involved in such scenario during recollection. Flawed, we are.

The main difference between childhood and adulthood, however, is that when you’re accused of doing something wrong, you’re going to want to be more assertive in how you handle it. Not being assertive might land you in jail – or worse. This is especially true if you’re being accused of a violent crime, such as battery.

You Don’t Want Battery on Your Record

Like any other violent crime, battery is certainly not one to flaunt on your record. Battery, as you know, involves physical harm. Such physical harm communicates to a prospective employer, your partner, and other people in your life that you are aggressive, unstable, angry, and unable to be trusted.

Prosecution is Life Changing

Imagine getting turned down for your dream job or your long-term partner leaving you because they knew of your criminal record. And it was all over a crime that you didn’t even commit but can’t prove otherwise because you were prosecuted and didn’t do anything to stop it when you had the chance.

Even worse, imagine going to jail or prison for years and/or having to pay a large sum of fines because you were prosecuted for battery. Instead of dealing with this mess, you could have avoided it from the get-go.

Halt the Prosecution Process – Get Battery Accusations Cleared Up ASAP

If you want to clear up your wrongful accusation of battery, you’re going to need a strong, assertive criminal defense attorney. Lisa Mattern, a California criminal defense lawyer, specializes in violent crime cases including battery.

Give Mattern a ring at 310-342-8254 to have your case evaluated for free.

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