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Call an Attorney in Los Angeles Now if You’re Being Wrongfully Put on Trial for Domestic Abuse


Call an Attorney in Los Angeles Now if You’re Being Wrongfully Put on Trial for Domestic Abuse

April 6, 2020
Call an Attorney in Los Angeles Now if You're Being Wrongfully Put on Trial for Domestic Abuse

With most people being quarantined at home during the Coronavirus, it’s no surprise that the rate of domestic abuse has risen as a result. It’s a frightening reality, but really, it’s not a surprising one. These are difficult times after all.

But despite the fact that domestic abuse has increased, this doesn’t mean that someone can’t wrongfully accuse another person of abusing them. False allegations aren’t all that common; however, they aren’t completely rare either – quarantine or not. In the end, being false accused of engaging in domestic abuse of some sort isn’t something anybody wants to deal with.

Nobody Deserves to Be Accused of Something They Didn’t Do.

The truth is, no person on this planet should have to deal with a false accusation. An allegation of domestic abuse isn’t just a rumor; it can become a legal issue, necessitating that you be put on trial to prove your guilt or innocence.

For someone who’s innocent, heading off to court for this issue can result in a lot of wasted time and resources. You may feel a significant amount of stress and anxiety and may or may not experience a dip in your reputation if the allegation/rumor was publicized by the “victim.” It can be a messy situation in general and, not to mention, could result in big fines or even jail or prison time if you end up being charged, despite your underlying innocence.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Will Be on Your Side Through It All.

One of the best ways to guarantee that your voice is properly heard in the courtroom and that your innocence is rightfully granted is to hire a criminal defense attorney.

By hiring a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, you won’t have to worry about defending yourself on your own and struggling to understand everything you need to know about the legal field. You deserve to have someone by your side who already knows this stuff and can help you in any way that you need to best ensure you’re able to be rightfully deemed innocent by the judge to avoid any unfair charges based on your false allegation.

If you’ve been accused of engaging in domestic violence and live in the Los Angeles, CA area, call 310-342-8254 today. Calling this number will get you in touch with Attorney Lisa Mattern who can help you smoothly navigate your accusation and get you on the way to legal freedom.

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