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Defend Yourself Against Spousal Rape in Cerritos CA


Defend Yourself Against Spousal Rape in Cerritos CA

July 14, 2020
Defend Yourself Against Spousal Rape in Cerritos CA

Everyone knows rape is a crime and one that is deemed to be quite serious, often landing one several years in prison and/or registration as a sex offender under Megan’s Law. From a relatively young age, this is something most people become aware of.

However, often, people assume rape is performed against a complete stranger, an acquaintance, a friend, or a family member. However, what people often fail to realize is that rape can involve anyone at all. In fact, there’s such a thing known as spousal rape.

What Exactly is Spousal Rape?

Spousal rape is exactly what it sounds like: rape that is performed on one’s own spouse. And it’s definitely a real crime that involves serious legal consequences, just like rape and other sexual crimes that are completed against any other person.

If I’m Legally Married to My Partner, How is it Possible to Be Convicted of Spousal Rape?

Regardless of whether or not you are married to the person who happens to be your victim, a crime is a crime. If sexual activity is inflicted on someone that is unwanted, even if it isn’t particularly forceful or violent, it is considered rape nonetheless. Even if you’re married, and there isn’t an active divorce happening, the experience that occurred can still count as spousal rape.

In the event that your spouse or ex-spouse wishes to take you to court for spousal rape, it’s absolutely possible that you can be found guilty and prosecuted for your actions, that is, if there is enough evidence to proof that you’re guilty.

Martial Rape Defense Attorney Lisa Mattern Would Love to Speak with You Today

Are you trying to get defense for spousal rape charges in Cerritos, CA? We have some good news for you: Attorney Lisa Mattern is the perfect lawyer for the job and can greatly help you receive the justice you deserve.

For many years, Ms. Mattern has been working with helping clients defend against violent crime accusations, including various forms of rape. She would love more than to help future clients successfully navigate their spousal rape case so that they can receive the fairest outcome possible given the evidence presented and the general circumstances apart of the case.

If you wish to be represented by a skilled criminal defense attorney in Cerritos, CA or its surrounding areas, you can get a consultation with Lisa Mattern. Her number is 310-342-8254.

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