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Did You Know You Can Kidnap Your Own Child in the State of California?


Did You Know You Can Kidnap Your Own Child in the State of California?

July 28, 2020
Did You Know You Can Kidnap Your Own Child in the State of California?

Many Californians are aware of the legal system. However, there are still many misconceptions regarding it. One of those common misconceptions is whether or not kidnapping of one’s own child is considered illegal. It’s understandable that one would be confused if this is a crime or not. After all, many believe that if someone is their child, they automatically have the right to take and transport their child anywhere they wish at any time.

Kidnapping Your Own Child is a Real Crime

Regardless of your beliefs about the legality of this matter, the truth is, in the state of California, it is very much possible that you can be charged and prosecuted with kidnapping, even if the individual you kidnapped is your offspring.

How can this be, you might ask, if your child is your child after all? Isn’t that unfair? Is it really illegal to kidnap your own child? The answer is, yes; you can kidnap your own child according to California Law.

There are many situations that can qualify as kidnap of one’s own child, including:

  • You keep your child in your care when the other parent with partial custody is supposed to be caring for them on that day.
  • You transport your child when you don’t have any custody of that child at all.
  • The child you’re transporting or caring for against the parents’ wishes was never legally your child, which can be proven with a DNA test.

Even if your intentions are good, it’s a possibility that you can still be charged with and/or prosecuted for the crime of kidnapping.

Receive Criminal Defense Service for Kidnapping Crimes in California

Whether you genuinely kidnapped your own child or not, it’s urgent that you receive the legal defense that you deserve. Even just a simple accusation or a bit of hearsay can be enough for the other party’s lawyer to dig deep into the case and pull out information that can drastically hurt you in the courtroom.

That being said, it’s only fair for you to have a reliable lawyer who can help secure your rights and protect you against unfair consequences that you don’t deserve.

Get in touch with Lisa Mattern now by dialing 310-342-8254. This criminal defense attorney provides service in many California cities and would be more than happy to give you a free consultation to see if you’d be a good fit for her services.

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