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Do You Qualify for a Shorter Prison Sentence According to Los Angeles CA’s New Resentencing Directive?


Do You Qualify for a Shorter Prison Sentence According to Los Angeles CA’s New Resentencing Directive?

July 9, 2021
Do You Qualify for a Shorter Prison Sentence According to Los Angeles CA's New Resentencing Directive?

Los Angeles-based district attorney, George Gascon, announced on December 7, 2020 a series of new charging and sentencing policies. Gascon recommended the shortening of prisoners’ sentences based on certain conditions with the hope to keep only the dangerous, violent felons behind bars and lower the recidivism rates for those who are not considered dangerous or violent. In addition, these policies could help with prison congestion and free up more space for the people who truly need to be detained to keep the public safer. The district attorney backed up his new policies with statistical evidence and provided in-depth reasoning behind his decisions.

The question you might have, though, is whether or not you could qualify for a shorter sentence under Gascon’s new policies. We’ll give you the answer to this great question now.

Can You Reduce Your Prison Sentence in Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles, CA, yes – it’s very much possible to get a lower prison sentence. However, under Gascon’s recent policies, whether or not you qualify for a reduced sentence depends on multiple factors.

Gascon recommends reduced sentences for those served in prison for 15 years or longer, those who are 60-years-old or older, those who are at a greater chance of getting COVID, those who are considered criminalized survivors, and 17-year-olds and younger who were prosecuted as adults. In addition, those who are recommended a lower sentence by the CDCR will also get a chance to get less time behind Los Angeles bars.

Apart from the latter, there are other reasons in general that one might be able to lower their current or prospective prison sentence in the state of California. Individuals who were not convicted of a serious crime, those who voluntarily attended certain self-help programs (for instance, a substance abuse program) in prison, or those who have been displaying good behavior while in prison.

Even if you have not yet been prosecuted, it’s not to late to get a lower sentence or even get your potential sentence terminated altogether. The right criminal defense attorney can help you out.

Hire a Qualified Criminal Defense Attorney for Help

Criminal Defense Attorney, Lisa Mattern, is a Southern California expert who specializes in helping individuals steer clear of – or reduce – their jail or prison time for a violent crime. This violent crime might have been something that they genuinely committed or might even be a crime that they are being accused of but didn’t actually do.

Either way, Lisa Mattern would be happy to help you out. Call her at 310-342-8254 for legal assistance.

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