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Facing Charges for Assault on a Police Officer? Get Criminal Defense in Whittier CA Soon


Facing Charges for Assault on a Police Officer? Get Criminal Defense in Whittier CA Soon

February 23, 2021
Facing Charges for Assault on a Police Officer? Get Criminal Defense in Whittier CA Soon

Assault upon any person – minor, adult, elderly individual, and so on – is highly illegal and can result in serious legal consequences as one might be able to imagine. Violent crimes do, in fact, normally involve more jail or prison time among other penalties when compared to less violent crimes. The more violent the crime was, the more individuals the crime was taken against, the more the crime recurred, and the greater the injuries involved, the more serious those consequences usually get.

But imagine getting charged with assault on a police officer. That sounds like a serious ordeal, one that can truly change the course of your life forever – and even more so if you’re a firm believer that you don’t deserve the charges you’re about to face. After all, wrongful accusations happen, or maybe you did assault an officer, but it was for a very good, justified reason.

You Won’t Have to Fight Alone

It’s not always easy defending yourself. This is especially true if you’re in a serious state of stress and dealing with a lot of excess emotional turmoil as a result of being accused of a crime such as this one. Your mind might be frazzled. You might be very forgetful as of lately due to anxiety. It’s also possible that you’re unable to adequately retell your side of the story or even find the right words to say to properly defend yourself. That’s when it’s a great idea to considering getting a criminal defense attorney by your side.

The best part about hiring a criminal defense attorney is that they can help you with fighting against your allegation – even if that allegation came straight from a police officer’s mouth. No officer, no matter how much power they hold, can stop you from obtaining justice when you have the best criminal defense attorney to help you.

Attorney Lisa Mattern Can Help You Obtain Justice

Lisa Mattern is a fantastic violent crime criminal defense attorney available in the Whittier, CA area. She can most definitely assist you with fighting any sort of assault crime in the courtroom. Whether you did commit the crime but it was justified or not as bad as the other party is making it out to be – or you didn’t commit the crime at all whatsoever, Mattern will be glad to take you on as her potential client.

Get a free consultation with Mattern by hitting her line at 310-342-8254.

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