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False Rape Charges in Carson CA Can Be Taken Care of with Attorney Lisa Mattern


False Rape Charges in Carson CA Can Be Taken Care of with Attorney Lisa Mattern

June 9, 2021
False Rape Charges in Carson CA Can Be Taken Care of with Attorney Lisa Mattern

Rape is a four-letter word that a lot of people can’t even say, let alone, type. It’s a very touchy, sensitive topic – and rightfully so. So, imagine what it’d be like to be prosecuted for a sexual crime like this one, let alone, in the state of California. It wouldn’t be too pretty, now, would it? Clearly, the punishments would be drastic, and people would see you differently, to say the least.

However, things are a lot different when you’re accused of rape when you know in your heart, mind, and soul that, that is the furthest thing from what you’ve done. It’s unfortunate to receive an allegation like this. Sometimes false rape accusations stem from poor memory, mere error, or even retaliation. Either way, they must be fought against, so you can avoid a major mark on your record for something you’ve never committed.

California Violent Crimes Attorney Lisa Mattern Believes in Justice

Even if the whole world is against you and wholeheartedly believes you’ve committed a crime such as rape, Attorney Lisa Mattern, who practices in the state of California, will be by your side to help prove you are not guilty after all.

Mattern has significant experience and knowledge with even the most detailed, complex, and serious false allegations of rape cases, and she can potentially help you, too, as you take charge and fight for your innocence. Lisa Mattern knows how serious having rape on your record is and wants nothing more than to help you steer clear of some serious punishments that you do not deserve. No California resident should have to face a false allegation alone, especially if it’s for a serious, violent crime.

Have Attorney Mattern Help Prove Your Innocence

It’s easier said than done, but false allegations can be reversed in the courtroom, and you can avoid serious punishments. It’s even easier, though, when you have a five-star violent crimes attorney by your side.

Attorney Lisa Mattern is one of those individuals in California who might be able to assist you. She’s worked with hundreds of clients to help them weasel their way out of getting serious jail time and getting a fat mark on their record or at least helping them get a reduced punishment depending on the circumstances surrounding their allegation.

Get a free consultation with Lisa Mattern by dialing 310-342-8254 to see if you’re a right fit for her field of work.

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