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Get Off the Hook for False Allegations of Sexual Battery in South Gate CA


Get Off the Hook for False Allegations of Sexual Battery in South Gate CA

November 24, 2020
Get Off the Hook for False Allegations of Sexual Battery in South Gate CA

Sexual battery is a very serious thing to say the least. This crime occurs to thousands of people on an annual basis. Experiencing even one instance of sexual battery can forever affect a woman, man, boy, or girl’s life forever. It’s a negatively vulnerable experience that nobody is truly immune from.

Despite how serious sexual battery is, many still wrongfully accuse others of this crime. Sometimes it might be to get attention. Other times, it’s to get the other person in trouble simply because they don’t like them. There may even be occasions where the so-called victim is delusional or even accuses someone of sexual battery by honest mistake.

Either way, a false accusation of sexual battery needs to be cleared up in the courtroom. And if you’re the one being accused of this crime, you’re going to want to read this full article.

Proving Yourself Innocent

Whether or not you believe you can convince people to prove your innocence, there may be more proof than you realize that you can use in court. Text messages, videos or pictures, sound recordings, your GPS location during the so-called sexual battery to prove you weren’t at said location during the time and place your accuser claimed the event took place, for instance, can all be used as proof.

Even if you don’t have proof to prove your innocence, maybe there’s proof that the accuser is guilty, such as a private message on a social media platform they sent to a friend about their idea to “get back at you” by falsely claiming sexual battery that, that friend later screenshotted and sent to you.

Sometimes it’s hard to find proof, let alone, present in properly in court. Fortunately, a lawyer can help you search for proof or even discover proof in the middle of court, such as inconsistencies in the stories told by the accuser. Once this proof is found, a lawyer can present it on your behalf.

Hire a Sexual Battery Defense Attorney in South Gate CA

Are you being accused of sexual battery in the state of California? You are not alone. Others have been accused of this crime too whether mistakenly or even as a result of retaliation.

Even if you know deep in your heart that you would and could never commit a crime like this, nobody really knows that except you. That being said, you need someone to help prove your innocence in the courtroom, and that person for the job would be a sexual battery defense attorney.

Hire a defense attorney today in South Gate, CA by calling 310-342-8254.

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