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COVID-19 Virus Update
How is the Mattern Law Firm Handling Cases in Carson CA During the Pandemic?


How is the Mattern Law Firm Handling Cases in Carson CA During the Pandemic?

November 3, 2020
How is the Mattern Law Firm Handling Cases in Carson CA During the Pandemic?

This year has been hectic to the max; anyone could tell you that. And, sadly, it continues to be a messy situation with the pandemic and all, which has been going on for nearly a year now. All our lives have changed and transformed, even for those of us who have not had the virus and don’t know anyone who has. Either way, dynamics have changed drastically from how we place our food orders, to how birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated, to how we visit with our own friends and family members. It’s scary to think that just about anywhere you go and regardless of who you hang out with, you can possibly be at risk of catching COVID-19.

Due to the latter statement, for many, accommodations are very much appreciated and even necessary at this time. That’s why the Mattern Law Firm has made some changes, too, during this viral outbreak.

Ms. Lisa Mattern is Operating Differently During COVID-19

For a while, Lisa Mattern has been operating her law firm business differently alongside the virus. She will continue to provide these accommodations as long as the outbreak continues to be a concern, however long that may be. These accommodations are what’s keeping our community safer and more secure.

At present, Attorney Mattern is using multiple methods during COVID-19 to connect with potential and current clients. These accommodations involve voice chat, face-to-face video, or both. The platforms for such accommodations include Facetime, Skype, Zoom, and phone calls. Mattern would be proud to work on either of these platforms depending on the needs, desires, and convenience of the client or prospective client.

Get a Social Distance-Friendly Consultation Today

Lisa Mattern loves and has no problem providing accommodations for her clients and prospective clients. Especially during a time like this, these accommodations are extra necessary for the general public. It’s about time law firms like the Mattern Law Firm step up and make these changes to ensure everyone can receive equal service no matter the circumstance. And it most definitely isn’t fair for a company to force clients to attend consultations and meetings in person if they don’t feel comfortable doing so and/or are at a vulnerable risk during this pandemic.

Give Ms. Mattern a dial at 310-342-8254 if you’re interested in a free-of-charge consultation that doesn’t involve an in-person visit. Ms. Mattern is looking forward to hearing from you and helping you in any way she can!

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