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How Violent Crimes Defense Lawyers in California Can Help You Today


How Violent Crimes Defense Lawyers in California Can Help You Today

January 21, 2020
How Violent Crimes Defense Lawyers in California Can Help You Today

Violent crimes include, but are not excluded to, sexual battery, kidnapping, rape, vehicular manslaughter, homicide, domestic violence, lewd conduct, sex trafficking, and gang-related offenses.

Although committing any of these violent crimes can result in extensive punishments including prison time, those accused of these unlawful acts nonetheless deserve a fair trial with a sentence that matches the crime if they end up being convicted.

Luckily, a criminal defense attorney specializes in not only making sure the clients they’re representing have a just trial but are adequately getting the defense they need to make their case go as smoothly for them as possible.

Here are three ways a violent crimes defense lawyer in California can help you as a defendant:

Your Innocence May Be Proved.

Say you’re arrested and taken to court over a violent crime you never committed. Maybe the crime took place, but it was you that they blamed. Or, maybe the crime didn’t take place at all. Either way, a criminal defense attorney can adequately present proof of your innocence. Even if you don’t believe there’s evidence, a good lawyer may be able to find proof that you missed.

Defense Attorneys Can Get Your Charges Reduced.

So, you committed the crime. Or, perhaps you committed the crime, but you’re being charged for additional crimes that you never committed. Thus, you may be potentially be receiving punishments that are harsher than what is fair given the true circumstances of the case.

A Los Angeles defense attorney can do everything in their power to attempt to get your charges reduced, whether it be by proving you innocent for additional crimes that you were never apart of or even by persuading the court to reduce your charges for unrelated reasons.

A Lawyer Might Be Able to Get You Completely off the Hook, Even if You Committed The Crime.

Even if you did everything you’re being charged for, the end result doesn’t always mean you’ll end up in prison or with a hefty fine – or any punishment at all for that matter. A big part in convicting someone has to do with the evidence provided. Can it be proved that you did, in fact, commit the crime? This is one of the defenses a lawyer can use to potentially get you off the hook, even if the judge would otherwise deem you guilty.

If you’re looking for a qualified criminal defense attorney to assist you in potentially winning your violent crimes case or at least help reduce charges you may end up facing, hiring Ms. Mattern in Los Angeles, CA as your criminal defense attorney is your best bet.

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