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Lisa Mattern is an Excellent Violent Crime Criminal Defense Attorney in Simi Valley CA


Lisa Mattern is an Excellent Violent Crime Criminal Defense Attorney in Simi Valley CA

May 7, 2021
Lisa Mattern is an Excellent Violent Crime Criminal Defense Attorney in Simi Valley CA

When you’re wrongfully accused of doing something, what you want is someone who will prove that you didn’t do what you were accused of doing. Sometimes it simply isn’t enough for you to say you didn’t do it. It’s always a possibility that you won’t be believed or that you won’t adequately prove your point when given the chance to speak up and defend yourself. Often, it takes another person to prove that you’re innocent, even if they weren’t an eyewitness.

In the case of you being accused of committing a violent crime that you didn’t commit, you’re most definitely going to want a criminal defense lawyer to back you up. Imagine being found guilty of a crime you didn’t commit and having to deal with legal consequences that you don’t deserve. This is where it comes in handy to have a criminal defense attorney to help you out.

What Types of Violent Crime Cases Can Lisa Mattern Represent?

Attorney Lisa Mattern can help her clients handle a wide array of wrongful violent crime accusations. Some violent crime accusations she can assist with include vehicular manslaughter, assault & battery, homicide, rape, gang-related offenses, Megan’s Law, domestic violence, kidnapping, sexual battery, and sex crimes.

If you aren’t sure is Ms. Mattern can assist with your specific case, all you have to do is call and ask. Mattern offers free consultations. This way, you will not only know if she can help you in your situation, but you can be sure that she’s the right fit for you and your needs. And there’s no financial or physical strings attached in case she ends up not being the right match. Regardless, a strong, intelligent, understanding, responsible, and communicative individual is what you need in a lawyer – and that is exactly what Lisa Mattern is.

Hire Mattern for Violent Crime Criminal Defense in Simi Valley CA

Lisa Mattern not only has the personality but also the brains, experience, and social skills to make your case go as smoothly as possible. Don’t deal with a situation like this on your own; the consequences can be significant if you don’t have anyone to legally represent you. However, you can better your odds at a favorable outcome when the right attorney is there by your side.

Not sure if Mattern would be applicable for your particular case? Simply ring her up at 310-342-8254. She’d be happy to serve you in Simi Valley, CA whenever you’re ready!

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