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Lisa Mattern is an Understanding and Gentle Violent Crime Attorney in Santa Monica CA


Lisa Mattern is an Understanding and Gentle Violent Crime Attorney in Santa Monica CA

February 17, 2021
Lisa Mattern is an Understanding and Gentle Violent Crime Attorney in Santa Monica CA

Being accused of a violent crime is a situation that nobody wants to be involved in and would never wish even on their worst enemy. However, it sadly happens from time to time, and when it does happen, it’s very serious. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you get a criminal defense attorney to be by your side during the course of your case.

One thing important to note is that when looking for a good attorney, it should be someone who is gentle and understanding.

Why All Violent Crime Criminal Defense Attorneys Should Have a Soft Side

While it’s true that all types of lawyers should have a tough, assertive, and confident side to them so that they can properly argue and be heard in the courtroom, there should also be a side of them that is also soft. Why, you might wonder? Well, if all they have is a tough and rough side, they will lack the skill it takes to fully understand your situation and be able to communicate with you in an effective manner based on all the emotions you’re probably feeling right now. Not to mention, someone who doesn’t have a soft side to them won’t be as patient as someone who does have that soft side.

That being said, we urge you that if finding someone who is understanding and gentle is important to you, that you seek out an attorney who has that soft touch. How do you know if that have that touch? Their words should be able to reflect that of someone who cares. They may be even able to relate to you personally (e.g., “I understand how stressful this might be for you right now.”). They should also be very patient with you, a great listener, and always seem to know what to say to comfort you when you need it the most. They aren’t a therapist, but they are a companion who should be able to help you out in more ways than one.

Hire Attorney Lisa Mattern in Santa Monica CA Now

It can be hard to find a criminal defense attorney who has the intellect, skills, expertise, and the emotional intelligence to assist you. However, Attorney Lisa Mattern has it all. She is kind, caring, sincere, smart, and has been working within the criminal justice system for years.

Elect Mattern as your criminal defense attorney for a violent crime today by calling 310-342-8254.

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