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Los Angeles County is Challenging the Death Penalty


Los Angeles County is Challenging the Death Penalty

December 10, 2020
Los Angeles County is Challenging the Death Penalty

Since Clarence Ray Allen was executed on January 17, 2006, no further executions have since been carried out in the state of California. However, capital punishment, also known as the death penalty, is still legal in this state. In fact, out of every state in the United States, California has the most condemned prisoners on death row at approximately 700. Whether legal or not, the death penalty debate lives on.

Regardless of your personal perspective on the topic, one thing is for sure: after assuming office on December 7, 2020, Los Angeles District Attorney, George Gascon, released a special directive challenging the death penalty.

What Gascon Has to Say About the Death Penalty

According to Gascon in his special directive on death penalty, sentencing prisoners to be executed is “never an appropriate resolution in any case.” And with Los Angeles being one of the country’s biggest death penalty counties, Gascon finds it absolutely critical to put an end to this legal punishment.

Also according to Gascon, racism and the death penalty are intertwined, and approximately 85% of those who are capitally prosecuted are of color in Los Angeles. Yet, throughout the rest of the state, just 59% of people prosecuted for capital punishment are of color, creating an inconsistency in the system.

While many would argue that the death penalty is a better option in replacement to imprisonment as it saves taxpayers money, the death penalty itself is also expensive, which Gascon suggests. Since 1978, over $5 billion was spent in California to house inmates on death row, defending those on death row in court, and to execute those on death row. Many people grossly underestimate the costs of capital punishment and assume it’s a process done in one, simple step – but it isn’t.

Not to mention, District Attorney Gascon worries that innocent people will be executed. While legal punishments are not super common for those who are wrongly accused, they aren’t rare. Research shows that a whopping 1 in 25 people given a death sentence in the United States were wrongly prosecuted from the years 1973 to 2004. And as anyone knows, the death penalty, once taken out, is a permanent and irreversible punishment.

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