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New Resentencing Policies Effective Immediately in Los Angeles CA


New Resentencing Policies Effective Immediately in Los Angeles CA

December 4, 2020
New Resentencing Policies Effective Immediately in Los Angeles CA

As of December 8, 2020, Los Angeles District Attorney, George Gascon, announced new resentencing policies in Special Directive 20-14 as a way to put an end to excessive prison sentences. These new policies can benefit the thousands of individuals who are currently serving prison time in Los Angeles County and will apply to all units, offices, and attorneys in Los Angeles County.

Who the New Resentencing Policies Apply To

The policies will be applicable to several groups of people including those who have served 15 or more years in prison, those 60-years-old or older, inmates who may be more vulnerable to catching COVID-19 – often due to pre-existing health conditions, those who are criminalized survivors, individuals who were 17 years old or younger when they partook in their crime but were charged as an adult, and those who the CDCR recommended for resentencing.

Apart from saving the public heavy costs, these new policies could potentially help reduce inequalities and inconsistencies in the criminal justice system that are present according to statistical evidence. According to Gascon, his new policies could be beneficial for prisoners who are young, of color, poor, and/or suffer from mental illness.

Also according to Gascon, the sentences imposed in our country, let alone, in Los Angles County in general, are “far too long.” By offering reduced sentences to certain individuals, Gascon hopes that the recidivism rate will be lower as the excess years prisoners often face may not only be ineffective and potentially harmful but may encourage prisoners to reoffend shortly upon being released. Each of these conclusions have been backed up by thorough research.

Get Legal Help Today

Whether you or someone you know may be benefited by the new resentencing policies in Los Angeles County or not, it’s still critical to get a criminal defense attorney on board. Justice can be gained quickly and lead to better results when a lawyer is there to help you with your case and assist you with navigating the confusing and complicated aspects of the law. Allow an attorney to give you confidence and ease your worries upon hiring them.

Do you or a loved one require legal help in Los Angeles County? Lisa Mattern, an attorney in the L.A. area, has experience with helping people get reduced sentences, whether wrongfully accused or not.

Call Mattern’s office today by dialing 310-342-8254. She’d be more than happy to provide you with a free of charge legal consultation.

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