Not Every Criminal Defense Attorney Can Defend You Against Phishing: We Can


Not Every Criminal Defense Attorney Can Defend You Against Phishing: We Can

June 18, 2018

Not Every Criminal Defense Attorney Can Defend You Against Phishing: We Can

If you have been accused of phishing or other identity theft crimes, then you not only need a criminal defense attorney: You need a criminal defense attorney with the experience and expertise to help with these highly technical charges. At The Mattern Law Firm we are proud to say that we can help. Keep reading to learn more about these charges and then reach out to us at 310-342-8254 for your free legal consultation.

Many people are affected by this crime every year

The United States Justice Department says that in excess of 12 million American are the victim of identity theft on a yearly basis. Many of those live in California. In fact, we have the second highest rate of identity theft throughout the country. As a result, it should not be surprising that both the federal and state government are taking steps to try and crack down on identity theft.

Why is this important to you?

The fact that there are so many identify theft crimes every year is very relevant to your case if you are arrested. Why? Because whether you are facing state or federal charges, you can count on the prosecution pursuing the case aggressively. They want to send a message to criminals that they can be convicted for these crimes and they want to send a message to the public that they are being tough on these crimes. The fact that they will have an aggressive prosecution means that you need an aggressive criminal defense attorney.

We handle all types of identity theft cases

No matter what type of identity theft you are being charged with, we can help. If you are being charged with willfully obtaining and using any of the following to commit fraud, call us today:

  • Names, addresses, birthdates, and phone numbers
  • Tax IDs and / or Social Security Numbers
  • Bank and / credit card account info
  • Info contained in birth and / or death certificates

Yes, you need an attorney even if you are guilty

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to assume that if they are guilty that their best option to just plead guilty. In fact, there will likely be a police officer or two telling you that your best bet is to confess. This is inaccurate. What you should do is call us right away. We can work with the prosecution to negotiate the best possible outcome for your case.

We have the technology know-how

Some law firms may understand much of the law surrounding phishing but they do not necessarily understand the technology. We do. In fact, we may understand it better than the prosecution does. We can work with experts to testify on your behalf. We can find the technological evidence you need. It all starts with one step: Reaching out to The Mattern Law Firm at 310-342-8254 for a free legal consultation.

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