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Getting released from prison on parole is a huge relief, but unfortunately parolees have not recovered all their rights and freedoms just yet. There are many restrictions placed upon parolees, and a violation of any of these terms of parole can land an individual in hot water and potentially result in reincarceration. With such high consequences potentially at stake, naturally you will want an experienced parole violations attorney on your side if you are accused of a parole violation.

Know Your Rights!

The parole violation hearing process is very different from a criminal trial, but accused parolees do still have many important rights:

  • The right to an attorney
  • The right to receive written notice of the alleged violation
  • The right to see the evidence against them and confront and cross-examine any witnesses
  • The right to present evidence on their own behalf
  • The right to an unbiased hearing board
  • The right to receive a written decision following the hearing

With The Mattern Law Firm as your parole violations legal team, you can rest assured that you will be informed about these rights in detail and that we will be very aggressive in ensuring that the state does not violate any of these rights at any point in the parole hearing process.

Two Chances For A Parole Violations Attorney To Help

If you are accused of a parole violation, there will actually be two legal proceedings that will provide your parole violations lawyer the opportunity to get the accusation dropped.


There will be a probable cause hearing. If your attorney can establish that the evidence against you is not actually strong enough to support a reasonable suspicion that a violation occurred, the accusation will be dropped.


If the hearing board finds there is probable cause, your parole violations attorney will have another chance to defend you during the final parole hearing. At this hearing your attorney may present further arguments that the violation did not occur or argue that there were mitigating circumstances such that your parole should not be revoked but perhaps only extended.

What About Probation Violations?
Can The Mattern Law Firm help with those?

YES, an experienced criminal defense attorney like the one at The Mattern Law Firm can defend against accusations of probation violations just as easily as she handles parole violations. In either case, we will work hard to compile the evidence necessary to disprove the allegation so you can continue to serve your original probation or parole term without an extension of the term or time in jail.

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