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Federal Crimes

Federal Crimes

Federal Crimes

Federal charges deserve representation from an experienced federal crimes attorney in Los Angeles CA.

If you are facing federal charges for any type of crime, you need to take this very seriously. After all, the federal government has virtually limitless resources to dedicate to their cases, and they typically compile years’ worth of hard evidence on a target using sophisticated investigation tactics before ever filing a charge.

In other words:

By the time you realize you are going to be charged, the prosecution will likely have a very strong case. This makes it essential to have your own experienced federal crime attorney in Los Angeles CA on your side from the very beginning.

Types of Federal Crimes

The main types of federal crimes we see in our practice at The Mattern Law Firm are:

However, it’s important to remember that these are not the only crimes that can land you in federal court. Even a much more minor offense could result in federal charges if the crime is committed on federal property or against a federal entity.

What’s Different About Federal Cases?

Since the general principles of defending a case in state court or federal court are the same, sometimes inexperienced criminal defense attorneys manage to convince clients that they can handle the job just fine.

The truth of the matter is…

specific experience in federal court is necessary for your criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles CA to be truly effective and secure you the best possible result.

Here are a few of the special considerations that an experienced federal crimes attorney in Los Angeles CA will understand how to handle:

Sentencing Guidelines: Federal sentencing guidelines are generally harsher than state guidelines, and many people actually consider them quite unfair. It is essential to have an experience d federal crimes attorney in Los Angeles CA explain the guidelines that may apply in your case so you can understand what’s at stake and better evaluate any plea deals.

Bail Process: You cannot go to a bail bondsman to post bail on a federal charge. Instead, you must put up a property bond, a cash bond, or a signature bond. As your attorney, we can explain these options to you and even help you arrange for bail prior to arrest to save you from any time in custody.

Cooperation: Perhaps the biggest difference between having your case go through federal court rather than state court is that you are much more likely to get an opportunity to cooperate with the authorities in exchange for a reduced sentence. This hardly ever happens on a state charge but it is an important possibility for your federal crimes lawyer in Los Angeles CA to consider.

Hire an Experienced federal Crimes Attorney in Los Angeles CA Today

If you need help with any kind of federal charge, do not hesitate to contact The Mattern Law Firm. We are eager to put our experience to work for you and make your fight our fight. To get started just call 310-342-8254 for a free case evaluation.

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