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False Personation

False Personation

False Personation

Accused of pretending to be someone else? Learn how a false personation attorney in Los Angeles CA can help.

“Playing pretend” that they are someone else is a very common activity for children. And even into adulthood, impersonating a friend or family member as part of a practical joke can still be a lot of fun.

So you may wonder:

When does this innocent behavior cross the line into criminal activity requiring the aid of a false personation attorney in Los Angeles CA?

Under California law, the crime of false personation or false impersonation occurs when someone:

  1. Pretends to be another individual, AND
  2. Commits an additional act that could result in a benefit to themselves or in some legal or financial liability for the individual being impersonated.

How to Defend Against a Charge of False Personation

Often, the key to mounting a successful defense is for the false personation attorney in Los Angeles CA to focus on proving that no “additional act” that could result in a benefit to the defendant or harm to the victim actually took place. This strategy works well if there is no denying the fact that you were using a false identity. In some cases it may result in a complete dismissal of the charges.

If there is strong evidence against you, it may be more advisable for your false personation lawyer in Los Angeles CA to focus on convincing the prosecution that your offense should be tried as a misdemeanor, not a felony. This will at least save you from the harsher criminal penalties that apply to felony convictions.

What About Related Charges?

Because of the “additional act” requirement, most false personation cases also involve other charges such as:

Fortunately for you, you can get a comprehensive defense for all charges against you from The Mattern Law Firm. We have over 20 years of experience in criminal defense, so we are much more than just a good false personation attorney in Los Angeles CA—we can also provide a strong defense strategy against any other charges you may be facing.

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