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Child Pornography Attorney in Compton CA

Child Pornography Attorney in Compton CA

Child Pornography Attorney in Compton CA

When your reputation and your future are at stake, trust us as your child pornography attorney in Compton CA

Child Pornography Attorney

Alleged crimes against children are taken very seriously by the law and by the public. If you’ve been charged with a crime related to child pornography, you may see your friends, neighbors, and even family turn against you very quickly.

Fortunately, you are not really alone and abandoned. Just remember:

You can get help from a caring and compassionate child pornography attorney in Compton CA like Lisa Mattern.

As a criminal defense firm, we have pledged to uphold the law and ensure any individual who becomes embroiled in the criminal justice system is treated fairly. We will work hard to achieve the most beneficial outcome possible under the law in your case.

No Case is Too Complicated for Us

Child pornography cases have the potential to become quite complicated due to the many different California statutes related to this offense and the potential to be charged under more than one statute. Fortunately, The Mattern Law Firm is a child pornography attorney in Compton CA that is equal to any challenge because we understand the penal code, we know the case law on child pornography, and we have insight into how our local judicial system really works. We know how to defend against offenses related to:

  • Possession of child pornography
  • Distribution of child pornography
  • Advertising child pornography
  • Developing, duplicating, printing, or exchanging child pornography
  • Hiring or recruiting minors for child pornography

Possible Defense Strategies for a Child Pornography Charge

Child Pornography Attorney in Carson CAAs your child pornography attorney in Compton CA, our goal is to get your case resolved as quickly and advantageously as possible so you can get back to your normal life. The key factor in determining the best strategy for your particular case is of course the available evidence. We will investigate quickly with the goal of getting charges dropped before trial whenever possible. We can also present evidence to support any of the following defense arguments that may apply to your case:

  • You reasonably believed the minors were actually over 18
  • You did not actually possess the pornography yourself
  • Vital evidence in your case should be thrown out because it was obtained illegally
  • You were entrapped into committing the offense by law enforcement
  • In the case of online child pornography, your access of the material was accidental

However, if the evidence against you is quite strong, it may be more advantageous to seek a plea deal. When negotiated by a skilled child pornography attorney in Compton CA, these deals can be quite beneficial. For example, we might be able to:

  • Make sure a “wobbler” is charged as a misdemeanor, not a felony
  • Secure a much lighter penalty than a judge would likely award at trial
  • Get your case resolved quickly so you can get on with your life

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