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Violent Crime Attorney in Compton CA

Violent Crime Attorney in Compton CA

Violent Crime Attorney in Compton CA

For a compelling defense to any charge, hire The Mattern Law Firm as your violent crime attorney in Compton CA

Any time a crime involves inflicting physical force or injury on a victim, significant penalties including jail time can apply. Police and prosecutors are not likely to settle for minimum charges or penalties. Instead, solving violent crimes and sentencing the perpetrators becomes a priority, with resources dedicated appropriately. So if you have been accused of a crime, you absolutely need to retain a skilled violent crime attorney in Compton CA to stand up for your rights and interests. At The Mattern Law Firm, we will hard to protect you from any undeserved or unduly harsh penalties, no matter what type of offense you may be accused of:

  • Assault & Battery
  • Domestic Violence
  • Gang Related Offenses
  • Kidnapping
  • Robbery
  • Carjacking
  • Sex Crimes
  • Rape
  • Sexual Battery
  • Manslaughter
  • Homicide

Get the Best Legal Strategy for Your Specific Case

The legal system can feel very cold and uncaring. The Mattern Law Firm helps to compensate for this because we sincerely care about every client’s future. We believe that for a violent crime attorney in Compton CA to provide a generic, one-size-all defense to any client is irresponsible and unacceptable. We will craft a personalized defense specifically for you, based on the facts of the matter and your input. Three possible strategies include:

  • Insufficient Evidence: Careful analysis by a skilled defense attorney is often enough to make a prosecutor’s case fall apart. We will check for any possible flaws or irregularities in the evidence against you and work hard to exploit them for your defense.
  • Self Defense: When violent crime allegations come out of a fight or altercation, self-defense may be a fruitful line of defense. After many years as a violent crime attorney in Compton CA, we have become very familiar with the nuances of exactly what qualifies as self defense and what evidence is required to prove it.
  • Plea Deal: If your chances of winning your case in court are low, it is often better to skip the time, expense, and stress of court and resolve the case with a plea deal instead. We frequently defend clients in the Ventura, Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles County courts, and we understand what kinds of deals are achievable in different courts given the circumstances of your case.

Are You Facing a Sentencing Enhancement?

Sentencing enhancements have the potential to dramatically increase the penalties at stake in your case. For example, if you are charged with an attempted murder that was linked to gang activities, you could face an additional 15 years to life. Sentencing enhancements add another level of difficulty to your case because in addition to defending against the underlying charge, your violent crime attorney in Compton CA must also work to disprove the grounds for the sentencing enhancements. At The Mattern Law Firm, we will make sure you are not unfairly punished under any erroneously applied sentencing enhancements.

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