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Prop 47 Attorney in Culver City CA

Prop 47 Attorney in Culver City CA

Prop 47 Attorney in Culver City CA

File your resentencing petition now with help from a Prop 47 attorney in Culver City CA

Prop 47 Attorney in Culver City CAPrior to the passage of Prop 47, some Californians were getting felony sentences for minor drug and theft crimes that didn’t really seem to merit such harsh punishment. Prop 47 has helped with this problem by taking felony charges off the table for certain low-level, non-violent offenses.

You will enjoy this sentencing relief without any help from a prop 47 attorney in Culver City CA if you are charged with a new qualifying crime like:

So What Do You Need a Prop 47 Attorney in Culver City CA For?

Resentencing Petitions.

Prop 47 isn’t just about helping individuals who may be facing charges currently. It also provides for individuals already sentenced for a qualifying felony to petition for their conviction to be reduced to a misdemeanor.

Prop 47 has already helped thousands of Californians, and there are many resentencing petitions awaiting review already. The best way to get your petition filed promptly and give yourself the best chance of securing relief is to have your petition prepared by a Prop 47 attorney in Culver City CA. This will help ensure there are no errors in the petition that could kick you to the back of the line and delay your sentencing relief.

Who Can Benefit From Prop 47 Resentencing?

If you have a qualifying felony on your record, you stand to gain significantly from a successful Prop 47 relief petition. The most immediate relief will be felt by individuals who are currently serving a sentence for their offense, as a successful petition will likely result in early release from jail and/or early termination of probation. However, individuals who have already served their sentences can also benefit. Changing that felony on your permanent record to a misdemeanor may open up new job opportunities.

Unfortunately, not everyone who has been convicted of a Prop 47 crime is eligible to file a resentencing petition. For an explanation of the restrictions and exclusions on Prop 47 as they may apply to your case, consult a Prop 47 attorney in Culver City CA.

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