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Best Female Attorney in Hawthorne CA

Best Female Attorney in Hawthorne CA

Best Female Attorney in Hawthorne CA

For the best possible outcome to your case, you want the best female attorney in Hawthorne CA

Best Female Attorney in Carson CAFacing any kind of criminal allegations can be scary. Whether you have already been arrested and charged or whether you have just realized you are a top suspect in an investigation, you absolutely need an attorney on your side. We can’t think of a better choice than Lisa Mattern. She will handle your case with such skill you will have no doubt you have the best female attorney in Hawthorne CA you could wish for.

At the Mattern Law Firm, we have successfully defended against a multitude of charges over the years. However we have particular expertise in:

Your Case is Not Hopeless

When you hire the best female attorney in Hawthorne CA, no case is hopeless–even if the evidence against you seems quite strong. We will immediately get to work analyzing the evidence in your case to determine the best way to help you. Options may include:

  • Securing a dismissal of charges
  • Securing a favorable plea deal
  • Fighting for a not guilty verdict at trial

As experienced local defense attorneys, we know how local DAs, prosecutors, and judges think, and we can leverage this knowledge to help convince them to treat you as leniently as possible.

About Lisa Mattern

Lisa Mattern is undoubtedly among the best female attorneys in Hawthorne CA–in fact she is one of the best attorneys of any gender, anywhere, having been recognized as one of the top 1 percent of lawyers in the US by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel. She has decades of experience in criminal defense, including work as a public defender and in private practice at several notable firms.

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The best way to see if we really are the best female attorney in Hawthorne CA is to meet us for yourself and see how we treat you. Please call us at 310-342-8254 now to learn more about how we can help you build a strong and aggressive defense for any criminal charge.


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