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Prop 47 Attorney in Huntington Park CA

Prop 47 Attorney in Huntington Park CA

Prop 47 Attorney in Huntington Park CA

Apply to have your felony record reduced to a misdemeanor with help from a Prop 47 attorney in Huntington Park CA

Prior to the passage of Prop 47 in November 2014, some Californians were getting felony sentences for minor drug and theft crimes that didn’t really seem to merit such harsh punishment. Prop 47 has helped with this problem by taking felony charges off the table for certain low-level, non-violent offenses. So, if you are facing a new charge for one of the following crimes and you qualify for Prop 47, you will only face a misdemeanor even without the special help of a prop 47 attorney in Huntington Park CA:

  • Simple Drug Possession
  • Theft (under $950)
  • Shoplifting (under $950)
  • Forgery (under $950)
  • Passing Bad Checks (under $950)
  • Receiving Stolen Property (under $950)

So What Do You Need a Prop 47 Attorney in Huntington Park CA For?

Resentencing Petitions.

If you have been previously convicted of a felony for one of the above crimes, you may be eligible to have your conviction changed to a misdemeanor. To do this, you will need to submit a resentencing petition to the county in which you were convicted.

Because of the high volume of petitions that are being filed, you absolutely need to hire a Prop 47 attorney in Huntington Park CA to help you prepare your petition. This will help ensure there are no errors in the petition that could kick you to the back of the line and delay your sentencing relief.

Who Can Benefit From Prop 47 Resentencing?

If you have a qualifying felony on your record, you stand to gain significantly from a successful Prop 47 relief petition. If you are still serving a sentence, approval of your Prop 47 petition could give you your freedom. However, if you have completed your sentence, you can still benefit. With your felony converted to a misdemeanor on your permanent record, you may have better luck with background checks and have a wider range of job opportunities.

Unfortunately, not everyone who has been convicted of a Prop 47 crime is eligible to file a resentencing petition. To better understand the restrictions and exclusions on resentencing, you will need to contact a Prop 47 attorney in Huntington Park CA.

Contact The Mattern Law Firm Now

Remember, all applications for Prop 47 resentencing must be filed by November of 2017. Because we don’t want you to miss your opportunity for relief, we are now offering free initial consultations with a Prop 47 attorney in Huntington Park CA. Call us at 310-342-8254 now and find out how we can help.


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