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Marijuana Attorney in Inglewood CA

Marijuana Attorney in Inglewood CA

Marijuana Attorney in Inglewood CA

Are you facing charges for a marijuana offense? We’ll provide an aggressive defense as your marijuana attorney in Inglewood CA.

The passage of Prop 64 was an important step in the legalization of marijuana in California. However, it did not decriminalize all activities related to marijuana. This means individuals will continue to be charged with marijuana crimes. Due to the complexity of the law, it is best to consult a marijuana attorney in Inglewood CA promptly if you have been accused of any kind of marijuana crime.

We Know the Law

At The Mattern Law Firm, we are careful to stay up to date with the latest changes in the penal code and the body of case law relating to marijuana crimes. This positions us to provide top-quality representation as your marijuana attorney in Inglewood CA. You can rely on us to implement the right strategy for your particular case and secure the most beneficial outcome possible, whether you are charged with:

  • Possession of more than 28.5 grams of marijuana
  • Cultivation of more than 6 marijuana plants
  • Possession for sale without a license
  • Sale without a license
  • Providing marijuana to a minor
  • DUI of marijuana
  • Medical marijuana violations
  • Underage marijuana offenses

Now You May Wonder…

Do I Really Need a Marijuana Attorney in Inglewood CA?

Many marijuana offenses carry relatively light sentences. You might wonder if you wouldn’t be better off simply paying a fine rather than paying for a marijuana attorney in Inglewood CA.

The reality is, you always need an attorney. After all, just because a crime comes with light penalties does not mean you want to have it on your record. At The Mattern Law Firm, we will make your fight our fight. As your marijuana attorney in Inglewood CA, we will explore every possible defense strategy to find the one that is right for your case. For instance, if a large amount of marijuana was found in your car, we may be able to show that you did not know the marijuana was there, or that it was discovered during an illegal search of your vehicle.

Even if the evidence against you is rock solid, you still need an attorney on your side to help negotiate the best possible plea deal. At The Mattern Law Firm, we have an excellent track record of success in securing plea deals due to our extensive experience in local county courts.

Call Now to Hire The Mattern Law Firm

When you hire The Mattern Law Firm, you can expect to receive top-quality representation and be treated with respect and compassion by your marijuana attorney in Inglewood CA. Call us at310-342-8254 now and we’ll be happy to set up a free initial consultation for you.


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