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Welfare Fraud Attorney in Inglewood CA

Welfare Fraud Attorney in Inglewood CA

Welfare Fraud Attorney in Inglewood CA

Caught up in confusion over allegedly stolen benefits? A welfare fraud attorney in Inglewood CA can help.

Welfare Fraud Attorney in Inglewood CAApplying for state welfare benefits is by no means a simple process. With rules and regulations varying across programs and many different complicated requirements to fulfil, it’s no wonder the following kinds of welfare abuse issues can crop up:

  • Failing to report income in order to secure higher benefits
  • Falsely claiming to be a single parent
  • Submitting claims for fictitious or ineligible children
  • Collecting benefits from multiple states
  • Not disclosing felony convictions when receiving food stamps

Often, individuals accused of these kinds of misdeeds are afraid they can’t afford a welfare fraud attorney  in Inglewood CA. In reality, you can’t afford NOT to hire an attorney.


Because you need someone who knows the law to cut though the confusion surrounding your case and build a convincing argument for your defense. Hiring an attorney like Lisa Mattern who has many years of local experience can also help make sure judge and prosecutor proclivities are taken in to account when deciding how to handle your defense.

How a Welfare Fraud Attorney in Inglewood CA Can Help

Simply put, your welfare fraud attorney in Inglewood CA is going to help you get on with your life as quickly and painlessly as possible. We don’t necessarily have to prove you are innocent; we just have to show that you are not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. We can do this by finding our own new evidence or by undermining key pieces of the prosecution’s evidence.

After a thorough investigation, we will know which of these strategies is best for your particular case:

  • Trying to get charges dropped
  • Fighting for an acquittal in court
  • Pleading guilty in exchange for a reduced charge or sentence

Now you might be wondering…

Why Would I Ever Plead Guilty to a Welfare Fraud Charge?

By pleading guilty, you can not only effect a faster resolution to your case. You can also seek a much lighter punishment than a judge might give you if you were found guilty in court.

Certain low-level offenders who have no criminal history or a very minor criminal history can reap big benefits by pleading guilty. In some counties, this qualifies you to enter a diversion program that will eventually result in the dismissal of the charge against you. Even if the county where your case is being tried does not offer such a program, your welfare fraud attorney in Inglewood CA may be able to secure a similar deal for you if you are willing to admit your mistake and repay the funds taken by fraud.

When it comes to plea deals, remember that your welfare fraud attorney in Inglewood CA is on your side. We will not recommend you take a deal unless it really is your best option. The prosecutor is more likely to be considered about the residents of his county than about your best interests. Do not accept any deal offered by a prosecutor without consulting an attorney first!

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