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Rape Attorney in Lakewood CA

Rape Attorney in Lakewood CA

Rape Attorney in Lakewood CA

Hire a rape attorney in Lakewood CA to protect your rights and improve your ability to achieve a beneficial outcome to your case.

Rape is a highly stigmatizing crime. Even being accused can damage your reputation. A conviction for rape will be even more damaging, landing you on the sex offender registry. Naturally it is extremely important to react quickly and aggressively to defend yourself as soon as you realize you are being investigated as a rape suspect. This is very easy to do when you retain Lisa Mattern as your rape attorney in Lakewood CA.

5 Ways We Can Help as Your Rape Attorney in Lakewood CA

Whether the evidence against you seems weak or irrefutable, there are many important ways that your rape attorney in Lakewood CA can help resolve your case advantageously. For example, we can:

  • Managing interactions with police: You have the right to have a rape attorney in Lakewood CA present during police questioning. It is highly advantageous to exercise this right, since we can help you cooperate with police without revealing information that could potentially hurt your case.
  • Scrutinizing the evidence: Sometimes, in their eagerness to close a case investigators may trample on defendants’ rights by coercing confessions or collecting evidence by illegal search and seizure. You can rely on The Mattern Law Firm to review all the evidence against you very carefully to make sure it is admissible. If it is not, we will file the appropriate motions to exclude it from your case.
  • Getting charges dropped or dismissed: Prosecutors don’t want to tie up their time and resources pursuing cases unless they feel confident they can win. By undermining this confidence with strong evidence for your defense, we can often convince DAs to drop the charges against our clients.
  • Securing a plea deal: If the evidence against you is quite strong and/or you wish to plead guilty, we can still help as your rape attorney in Lakewood CA. Drawing on our ample experience in local courts, we can almost always secure you a better deal than the DA would offer if left to their own devices.
  • Defending you in court: Of course, if we need to we will not be afraid to argue your case passionately in court. Lisa Mattern is a seasoned litigator who has been named among the top 1 percent of defense attorneys.

We Have Experience as a Statutory Rape Attorney in Lakewood CA Too

It can seem extremely unfair and unjust when a consensual relationship with an underage partner results in criminal charges against a young person. At The Mattern Law Firm, we understand what you’re going through and we know the best strategies to use to get you out of trouble. As your statutory rape attorney in Lakewood CA you can rely on us to work hard to resolve your case as quickly and favorably as possible, and hopefully keep the incident off your permanent record.

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