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Best Female Attorney in Montebello CA

Best Female Attorney in Montebello CA

Best Female Attorney in Montebello CA

For the best possible outcome to your case, you want the best female attorney in Montebello CA

Best Female Attorney in Carson CAPolice investigations may be fun to observe in the movies, but being the subject of an investigation in real life can be downright traumatic. As soon as police try to bring you in for official questioning–and certainly if they actually arrest and charge you–you need to get yourself an attorney. Lisa Mattern is ready and willing to help. Hire her and you can rest assured your rights will be protected against aggressive police and prosecutors. After all, you would expect nothing less with the best female attorney in Montebello CA on your side.

The Mattern Law Firm can handle any criminal charge you may face. However we have particular expertise in:

Your Case is Not Hopeless

You wouldn’t give up on your health without visiting a doctor. So why would you give up on your case without first consulting the best female attorney in Montebello CA? You can count on us to scrutinize all the evidence against you. We won’t let the prosecution use any illegal evidence to secure a conviction. We will also search diligently for new evidence that could be used for your defense. Based on the results of these efforts we will recommend the best course of action for your situation. This could be:

  • Convincing the DA to drop the charges
  • Securing a favorable plea deal
  • Defending you during trial

Our decades of experience handling cases in Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties will be very valuable to you. After all, each county, courthouse, and to a large extend, each individual courtroom, handles its cases differently. We understand the differences and we will leverage them to your advantage whenever possible.

About Lisa Mattern

The National Association of Distinguished Counsel has recognized Lisa Mattern as one of top 1 percent of attorneys in the entire country, so it’s obvious she is also one of the best female attorneys in Montebello CA. She has been dedicated to the practice of criminal defense law since 1995.

Call Now to Get the Best Female Attorney in Montebello CA on Your Side

We promise to work hard to prove to you that we are the best female attorney in Montebello CA you could want for your case. You can call our office at 310-342-8254 and request a free consultation where we will give you an overview of our approach to your defense.


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