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Welfare Fraud Attorney in Norwalk CA

Welfare Fraud Attorney in Norwalk CA

Welfare Fraud Attorney in Norwalk CA

Caught up in confusion over allegedly stolen benefits? A welfare fraud attorney in Norwalk CA can help.

Welfare FraudSometimes, the hassle involved in filling out applications for various forms of federal aid almost seems like more trouble than the aid is worth. Due to the large number of rules and restrictions–which are often written in language that is hard to understand–it is not uncommon for applications to look fraudulent. Possible mistakes that could look like fraud include:

  • Failing to report income in order to secure higher benefits
  • Falsely claiming to be a single parent
  • Submitting claims for fictitious or ineligible children
  • Collecting benefits from multiple states
  • Not disclosing felony convictions when receiving food stamps

Whether your alleged fraud was accidental or intentional, you are going to need a skilled welfare fraud attorney in Norwalk CA on your side.


Because only an attorney who specializes in welfare fraud cases is going to have the knowledge required to help you understand the charges against you and identify the best possible options for your defense. You may very well be pleasantly surprised at the extremely beneficial outcome your attorney can achieve for you.

How a Welfare Fraud Attorney in Norwalk CA Can Help

Your welfare fraud attorney in Norwalk CA will create a personalized defense strategy to suit the specifics of your case. To do this, they must start with an investigation. This includes examining all the prosecution’s evidence as well as conducting their own witness interviews or other investigations as needed.

Depending on the particulars of your case, your attorney may recommend:

  • Trying to get charges dropped
  • Fighting for an acquittal in court
  • Pleading guilty in exchange for a reduced charge or sentence

Now you might be wondering…

Why Would I Ever Plead Guilty to a Welfare Fraud Charge?

By pleading guilty, you can not only achieve a faster resolution to your case. You can also seek a much lighter punishment than a judge might give you if you were found guilty in court.

Certain low-level offenders who have no criminal history or a very minor criminal history can reap big benefits by pleading guilty. Some counties have specific diversion programs for this very situation. These programs can allow you to have the welfare fraud charge dismissed so that it does not appear on your record. Even if the county where your case is being tried does not offer such a program, your welfare fraud attorney in Norwalk CA may be able to secure a similar deal for you if you are willing to admit your mistake and repay the funds taken by fraud.

You can rely on a deal brokered by your welfare fraud attorney in Norwalk CA to be fair and advantageous. You cannot necessarily say the same about a deal offered by the DA. This makes it very important to have your attorney review all deals before you accept them.

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