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Prop 47 Attorney in Palmdale CA

Prop 47 Attorney in Palmdale CA

Prop 47 Attorney in Palmdale CA

Apply to have your felony record reduced to a misdemeanor with help from a Prop 47 attorney in Palmdale CA

Prop 47 was a ballot measure designed to put an end to draconian penalties for certain low-level, non-violent crimes. Previously, prosecutors were able to charge some theft and drug offenses as misdemeanors or felonies at their discretion. Now, under Prop 47, felony penalties are off the table for many minor offenses. For new offenses, Prop 47 automatically goes into effect for qualifying defendants, without any special assistance from your prop 47 attorney in Palmdale CA. Offenses affected by Prop 47 include:

  • Simple Drug Possession
  • Theft (under $950)
  • Shoplifting (under $950)
  • Forgery (under $950)
  • Passing Bad Checks (under $950)
  • Receiving Stolen Property (under $950)

So What Do You Need a Prop 47 Attorney in Palmdale CA For?

Resentencing Petitions.

Prop 47 can also help individuals who have already been convicted on felony charges for the crimes covered under this measure. If you qualify, you can file a resentencing petition to get your offense and your sentence reduced to misdemeanor status.

Prop 47 has already helped thousands of Californians, and there are many resentencing petitions awaiting review already. The best way to get your petition filed promptly and give yourself the best chance of securing relief is to have your petition prepared by a Prop 47 attorney in Palmdale CA. At The Mattern Law Firm, we understand what information needs to be included in the petition and what steps must be taken to file it. Our expertise can help prevent delays that would otherwise interfere with your ability to secure relief in a timely fashion.

Who Can Benefit From Prop 47 Resentencing?

If you have a Prop 47 eligible felony on your record, reducing the charge to a misdemeanor is definitely worth pursuing. This is true whether you are currently serving a jail sentence or probation and want to return to a normal life, or if you have already completed your sentence. Changing that felony on your permanent record to a misdemeanor may open up new job opportunities.

Checking that your crime qualifies for Prop 47 relief is the first step to determining your eligibility, but it is not the only one. To better understand the restrictions and exclusions on resentencing, you will need to contact a Prop 47 attorney in Palmdale CA.

Contact The Mattern Law Firm Now

At The Mattern Law Firm, we are following Prop 47 developments very carefully to ensure we have the skills and knowledge required to secure the maximum possible relief for our clients. For a free consultation on the possibility of securing resentencing relief with help from your Prop 47 attorney in Palmdale CA, please Call us at 310-342-8254.


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