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Robbery Attorney in San Fernando CA

Robbery Attorney in San Fernando CA

Robbery Attorney in San Fernando CA

Fight back against even the most daunting charges with help from a robbery attorney in San Fernando CA

If you have been accused of robbery, you could face anywhere from a few years to life in prison, depending on the circumstances. It is well worth your while to retain a skilled robbery attorney in San Fernando CA like The Mattern Law Firm, who will give you the best possible chance of securing a positive outcome in your case.

When Should I Call a Robbery Attorney in San Fernando CA?

The earlier you can call a robbery attorney in San Fernando CA, the better. You do not even need to wait to be arrested or charged. We will help you cooperate with police in a way that avoids revealing any information that could be used against you later.

Do I Really Need an Attorney with Specific Experience in Robbery Cases?

Yes. Robbery cases can actually be quite complicated, especially if you are facing any sentencing enhancements for using a gun or inflicting serious injury during the robbery. You do not want to be some new defense attorney’s “learning experience” when you are up against these kinds of daunting charges.

Instead, you need an experienced robbery attorney in San Fernando CA like Lisa Mattern. We will not be intimidated by the charges against you or ever overlook any viable options for your defense.

Can The Mattern Law Firm Resolve My Case Quickly?

We certainly hope so. While we will not hesitate to take your case to court if we sincerely believe that this is the best option, for most defendants it is actually better–and quicker–to resolve the case out of court. This may involve:

  • Convincing the DA there is insufficient evidence to support a charge
  • Showing that there was no force or threat of force involved (which makes robbery a theft and could reduce a felony charge to a misdemeanor)
  • Securing a plea deal that will expose you to the minimum possible penalties

If you do want to pursue a plea deal, your robbery attorney in San Fernando CA needs to have ample local experience. Because we have this local experience, we have an excellent success rate of securing favorable plea deals for our clients from specific prosecutors and DAs.

Call Now to Start Building Your Defense

To get an aggressive robbery attorney in San Fernando CA on your side, the first thing you must do is dial 310-342-8254 or use our online contact form. The initial consultation is always free and provides an excellent opportunity to meet your attorney.


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