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Rape Attorney in Santa Clarita CA

Rape Attorney in Santa Clarita CA

Rape Attorney in Santa Clarita CA

Hire a rape attorney in Santa Clarita CA to protect your rights and improve your ability to achieve a beneficial outcome to your case.

Have you been accused of rape? This is a very serious situation, since even an unfounded allegation can hurt your reputation. A rape conviction will of course be even more damaging, subjecting you to criminal penalties as well as lifelong sex offender registry requirements. With so much at stake, you need to start working on your defense the instant you realize you have been accused. The best thing to do is consult a qualified rape attorney in Santa Clarita CA like The Mattern Law Firm ASAP.

5 Ways We Can Help as Your Rape Attorney in Santa Clarita CA

Depending on the facts of your case, there may be several different ways that a skilled rape attorney in Santa Clarita CA like us can help you resolve your case. We’ll help you pick the best strategy for your case and then work towards achieving the best possible outcome, perhaps by:

  • Managing interactions with police: You have the right to have a rape attorney in Santa Clarita CA present during police questioning. It is highly advantageous to exercise this right, since we can help you cooperate with police without revealing information that could potentially hurt your case.
  • Scrutinizing the evidence: It is very important to prevent any illegal evidence from making it into the case against you. This includes evidence like coerced confessions and items obtained by illegal search and seizure. You can rely on The Mattern Law Firm to watch carefully for illegal evidence and make sure it gets thrown out.
  • Getting charges dropped or dismissed: If there is compelling evidence for your innocence, we will take it to the prosecutor early on and try to convince them that they will not be able to secure a conviction at trial. Prosecutors don’t like to invest time in cases they can’t win, so they may drop the charges.
  • Securing a plea deal: If you want the most lenient penalty possible in exchange for your guilty plea, you must have your rape attorney in Santa Clarita CA negotiating the deal. At The Mattern Law Firm, we understand how our local criminal justice system really works and what kinds of deals are reasonably achievable in various cases.
  • Defending you in court: Of course, if we need to we will not be afraid to argue your case passionately in court. Lisa Mattern is a seasoned litigator who has been named among the top 1 percent of defense attorneys.

We Have Experience as a Statutory Rape Attorney in Santa Clarita CA Too

Statutory rape charges can be especially upsetting because in the case of a consensual relationship with a partner just a year or two younger than you, you might not feel like you’ve done anything wrong. We understand the legal statutes on this offense as well as the case law. With us on your side as your statutory rape attorney in Santa Clarita CA, you will be protected from any undeserved or unduly harsh penalties for your relationship.

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