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Murder Defense Lawyer in Simi Valley CA

Murder Defense Lawyer in Simi Valley CA

Murder Defense Lawyer in Simi Valley CA

Find hope in the face of a murder charge with The Mattern Law Firm as your murder defense lawyer in Simi Valley CA

Murder is a very serious crime, and no one would deny that victims’ families deserve justice. But unfortunately, sometimes in the haste to find and prosecute a suspect for a murder, police and prosecutors become a bit overzealous and may target innocent people and trample on defendants’ rights. To prevent this from happening in your case, you need an aggressive murder defense lawyer in Simi Valley CA on your side.

We Will Make Your Fight Our Fight

With over 20 years of criminal defense experience to our credit, here at The Mattern Law Firm we obviously have the legal knowledge and experience necessary to produce a quality murder defense. But most importantly, we have the gumption to stand up to even the most aggressive police and prosecutors. As your murder defense lawyer in Simi Valley CA, we will stand up to aggressive police and prosecutors and make sure you are treated fairly. For example, we can help by:

  • Being present during police questioning
  • Getting any evidence obtained by illegal search and seizure thrown out
  • Searching for new evidence to support your defense

Now you may wonder…

What if the evidence against me is strong? Can a murder defense lawyer in Simi Valley CA still help?

Yes! An experienced murder defense lawyer in Simi Valley CA can help you explore many different strategies for securing a better outcome to your case. Even if you think things look grim, we may be able to uncover evidence that will result in a dismissal of charges or a not guilty verdict. If the evidence against you is undeniable, your attorney will focus on securing a plea deal. This will not only spare you the stress and delays of a trial, but also provide a more lenient penalty. For instance, depending on the circumstances of your case it may be possible to plead a murder charge down to manslaughter. This is still a serious crime but it does come with a lighter penalty.

We Handle All Kinds of Murder Charges

Depending on the facts of the case, you may face any one of these charges for allegedly taking a life:

  • First degree murder
  • Capital murder
  • Second degree murder
  • Felony-murder
  • Gang murder
  • Voluntary manslaughter
  • Involuntary manslaughter
  • DUI murder
  • Vehicular manslaughter

Depending on which crime you are charged with, the prosecution may have different specific points to prove. It is essential to have a knowledgeable murder defense lawyer in Simi Valley CA who understands every nuance on your side. That way, you know you will be getting an expert defense tailored to the specifics of your charge and your case.

Get Expert Advice Now

If you are a suspect in a murder case–and certainly if you have been arrested–you need help from a skilled murder defense lawyer in Simi Valley CA ASAP. To schedule your free initial consultation, please dial 310-342-8254 now.


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