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Weapon Charge Attorney in Simi Valley CA

Weapon Charge Attorney in Simi Valley CA

Weapon Charge Attorney in Simi Valley CA

For an expert defense against any charge involving guns or illegal weapons, trust us as your weapon charge attorney in Simi Valley CA

California is known as a leader in gun control and other weapons restrictions. Unfortunately, every time a new regulation is added, it only makes our weapons laws more complicated and confusing. You could easily end up facing criminal charges for a weapon-related activity you may have sincerely believed was legal. The best way to cut through the confusion and make sure your rights are protected is to hire The Mattern Law Firm as your weapon charge attorney in Simi Valley CA.

We Handle All Kinds of Weapon Charges

At The Mattern Law Firm, we know the law on weapons offenses, having studied both the penal code and the body of case law applying to these kinds of charges. With us as your weapon charge attorney in Simi Valley CA, you can rest assured you will receive a strong and compelling defense strategy for any charge, such as:

  • Possession of illegal weapons
  • Felon in possession of a firearm
  • Carrying a concealed weapon
  • Possession of a loaded firearm
  • Brandishing a firearm
  • Assault with a firearm
  • Illegal weapon sales

Top Defense Strategies for Weapon Charges

Depending on the facts of your case, there may be many viable strategies for your defense, even if it seems like you were caught in the very act of possessing or using a weapon illegally. For example, your weapon charge attorney in Simi Valley CA may be able to get the charges dropped or secure an acquittal by arguing that:

  • You actually had a legal right to possess the weapon in question
  • The weapon found on your person or in your vehicle or home was not yours
  • You used your weapon in self-defense
  • The firing of the weapon was accidental
  • Police found the weapon through illegal methods

The Mattern Law Firm has over 20 years of experience working with the Riverside, Ventura, Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino County courthouses. In many cases, we are able to tailor our defense strategies to the specific DA, prosecutor, and/or judge overseeing your case.

We have the integrity required to tell you the truth about the outcomes you can reasonably expect to achieve in your specific case. If your chances of winning in court are low, we can make sure you receive an advantageous plea deal.

We Help Protect You from Sentencing Enhancements

When a gun or other weapon is used to commit a crime, the penalties involved increase dramatically due to various sentencing enhancements. For example if you allegedly used a gun in a robbery, you could face an additional 10 years on top of your robbery sentence. It is extremely important to have a weapon charge attorney in Simi Valley CA on your side, to ensure the sentencing enhancement will be addressed in your defense strategy.

Hire Your Weapon Charge Attorney in Simi Valley CA Today

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