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Rape Attorney in South Gate CA

Rape Attorney in South Gate CA

Rape Attorney in South Gate CA

Hire a rape attorney in South Gate CA to protect your rights and improve your ability to achieve a beneficial outcome to your case.

Being accused of rape can really hurt your reputation. A conviction for rape will be even more damaging, landing you on the sex offender registry. With so much at stake, you need to start working on your defense the instant you realize you have been accused. The best thing to do is consult a qualified rape attorney in South Gate CA like The Mattern Law Firm ASAP.

5 Ways We Can Help as Your Rape Attorney in South Gate CA

Whether the evidence against you seems weak or irrefutable, there are many important ways that your rape attorney in South Gate CA can help resolve your case advantageously. For example, we can:

  • Managing interactions with police: You have the right to have a rape attorney in South Gate CA present during police questioning. It is highly advantageous to exercise this right, since we can help you cooperate with police without revealing information that could potentially hurt your case.
  • Scrutinizing the evidence: Sometimes, in their eagerness to close a case investigators may trample on defendants’ rights by coercing confessions or collecting evidence by illegal search and seizure. We can prevent any illegal evidence from being used against you by carefully reviewing all the evidence and filing motions to have illegal evidence thrown out.
  • Getting charges dropped or dismissed: Prosecutors don’t want to tie up their time and resources pursuing cases unless they feel confident they can win. By undermining this confidence with strong evidence for your defense, we can often convince DAs to drop the charges against our clients.
  • Securing a plea deal: Though the DA may offer you a plea deal of their own accord, you should not take it without consulting a rape attorney in South Gate CA. Drawing on our ample experience in local courts, we can almost always secure you a better deal than the DA would offer if left to their own devices.
  • Defending you in court: If your case proceeds to trial, we can draw on our ample courtroom experience and present a convincing case for your defense. We will handle every appearance personally and never pass you off to a junior attorney.

We Have Experience as a Statutory Rape Attorney in South Gate CA Too

Allegations of statutory rape can be all the more upsetting because the actions behind the alleged “rape” are often actually consensual, with only one participant’s age making the interaction a crime. At The Mattern Law Firm, we understand the special considerations that come along with a statutory rape case. As your statutory rape attorney in South Gate CA, we will give your case our utmost attention and do everything in our power to prevent the incident from resulting in a black mark on your criminal record.

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