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Marijuana Attorney in Torrance CA

Marijuana Attorney in Torrance CA

Marijuana Attorney in Torrance CA

Are you facing charges for a marijuana offense? We’ll provide an aggressive defense as your marijuana attorney in Torrance CA.

As of November 2016, recreational marijuana use is legal for adults in California. But, this use is heavily and some would say arbitrarily restricted and regulated. If you run afoul of the specific requirements of the law and possess or cultivate too much marijuana, you could easily end up facing criminal charges. When this happens, you will definitely want an experienced marijuana attorney in Torrance CA protecting your rights and interests.

We Know the Law

The Mattern Law Firm is totally up to date on the latest changes to California’s marijuana laws. This means you can rely on us for an accurate explanation of the charges and penalties you face, as well as an honest opinion regarding the best way to resolve your case as quickly and beneficially as possible. As your marijuana attorney in Torrance CA, we can defend you against any charge such as:

  • Possession of more than 28.5 grams of marijuana
  • Cultivation of more than 6 marijuana plants
  • Possession for sale without a license
  • Sale without a license
  • Providing marijuana to a minor
  • DUI of marijuana
  • Medical marijuana violations
  • Underage marijuana offenses

Now You May Wonder…

Do I Really Need a Marijuana Attorney in Torrance CA?

Given that many people have a somewhat cavalier attitude to marijuana offenses, you may wonder if these offenses really are serious enough to justify involving a marijuana attorney in Torrance CA.

But the reality is, marijuana laws can be harsher than they seem, with all kinds of complicated nuances affecting applicable penalties. For example, if you are a registered sex offender, you could face a felony charge and go to prison for a cultivation offense that would only be a misdemeanor for the average person. It is imperative to have a skilled marijuana attorney in Torrance CA on your side to vigorously oppose any and all charges you face, even if they do not at first seem serious.

Even if the evidence against you is rock solid, you still need an attorney on your side to help negotiate the best possible plea deal. In marijuana cases, a plea deal can often keep you out of jail, so you can get on with your normal life faster.

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When you hire The Mattern Law Firm as your marijuana attorney in Torrance CA, you will receive caring and compassionate assistance with every step of your case. Lisa Mattern handles all important court appearances personally, and she is always available when you need her. To meet Attorney Mattern during a free initial consultation, please contact us at310-342-8254.


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