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Prop 47 Attorney in Torrance CA

Prop 47 Attorney in Torrance CA

Prop 47 Attorney in Torrance CA

File your resentencing petition now with help from a Prop 47 attorney in Torrance CA

Prop 47In November of 2014, California voters passed a measure designed to help ensure the punishment fits the crime for certain low-level, non-violent drug and theft offenses. Previously, these offenses could be charged as either felonies or misdemeanors; now, they must be charged as misdemeanors. This protection is automatic–assuming you meet the criteria, you do not need help from a prop 47 attorney in Torrance CA to ensure the following new Prop 47 crimes are charged as misdemeanors:

So What Do You Need a Prop 47 Attorney in Torrance CA For?

Resentencing Petitions.

Prop 47 can also help individuals who have already been convicted on felony charges for the crimes covered under this measure. If you qualify, you can file a resentencing petition to get your offense and your sentence reduced to misdemeanor status.

Because of the high volume of petitions that are being filed, you absolutely need to hire a Prop 47 attorney in Torrance CA to help you prepare your petition. This will help ensure there are no errors in the petition that could kick you to the back of the line and delay your sentencing relief.

Who Is Eligible for Prop 47 Resentencing?

Both individuals who are currently serving a sentence for a qualifying felony and individuals who have already completed their sentence can and should consider filing a resentencing petition. A successful petition would help shorten an ongoing sentence, and this is the benefit most people think of first. But do not forget that a successful petition will also result in a felony being removed from your criminal record and replaced with a misdemeanor. While any type of criminal record can limit your future, misdemeanors are often viewed more kindly than felonies.

Of course, having been convicted of a qualifying crime is not the only criteria that will determine your Prop 47 resentencing eligibility. To better understand the restrictions and exclusions on resentencing, you will need to contact a Prop 47 attorney in Torrance CA.

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