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Best Female Lawyer in Van Nuys CA

Best Female Lawyer in Van Nuys CA

Best Female Lawyer in Van Nuys CA

The best female lawyer in Van Nuys CA is one who cares enough to make your fight her fight

Best Female Lawyer in Van Nuys CASometimes, people make the mistake of thinking that their case is too minor to justify hiring an expert attorney, or that the evidence against them is too great for an attorney to be able to help. In reality, you can always benefit by retaining the best female lawyer in Van Nuys CA. It may even be possible for her to help you keep a conviction off your record entirely.

With Lisa Mattern on your side, you can rest assured every avenue will be explored for your defense. No matter how serious the charge against you may be, we will work hard to resolve the matter in a way that protects your good name, your freedom, and you future. We can help with:

  • DUI
  • Drugs
  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Violence
  • Crimes against Children

Both Lisa Mattern have perfect 10 ratings on Avvo and will give you perfect 10 service too.

Why We Are the Best Female Lawyer in Van Nuys CA for Your Case

We’re Experienced: It takes more than book learning to be the best female lawyer in Van Nuys CA. It takes real experience with real cases. Attorney Mattern have ample practical experience, having passed the bar in 1995 and 1988 respectively. We know how to select and implement the best legal strategy for each client’s specific case. And because we know local prosecutors, DAs, and judges we can anticipate how these strategies will be received and provide accurate advice to each client about what can be achieved in their case.

We Care: Because you need to be open and honest with your attorney about even the most personal details of your case, it is essential you find someone you can trust to listen and care. This is what you get at The Mattern Law Firm. We sincerely care about your case and your future. One compelling mark of our dedication is that we never pass off cases to junior associates. Instead, all court appearances are handled personally by Ms. Mattern, and open lines of communication are always maintained between attorney and client.

We Get Results: Of course we could not call ourselves the best female lawyer in Van Nuys CA if we did not have an excellent track record of securing good outcomes for our clients. Check out our case results page to see the latest success stories including many clients getting their charges dismissed or pled down to lesser offenses.

Already Convicted? We Can Still Help

If you have already have a conviction on your record, we can still be of service as the best female lawyer in Van Nuys CA. We can assist with:

  • Appeals
  • Prop 47 reductions
  • Expungements

We promise to help you exercise your rights under the law and help you minimize the consequences of having a criminal conviction on your record.

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