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Insurance Fraud

Considering the high premiums we pay for insurance, it’s no surprise that everyone wants to maximize their benefits.

But watch out:

If your efforts to get the most from your insurance coverage cross the line into fraud, you may be guilty of a crime under California law. If your insurance provider is investigating your claim and you believe you may soon be accused of fraud, don’t wait for a formal criminal charge to be filed. Instead, get an experienced insurance fraud attorney from The Mattern Law Firm on your side right away.

We Handle All Kinds Of Insurance Fraud Accusations

When it comes to insurance fraud, the same basic defense arguments are available for:

  • Health Insurance Fraud
  • Auto Insurance Fraud
  • Life Insurance Fraud
  • Homeowners Insurance Fraud

However, with The Mattern Law Firm on the case, you can rest assured you will not receive a cookie-cutter defense. We will take the basic defense arguments, such as lack of fraudulent intent or insufficient evidence, and support them with specific pieces of evidence unique to your case. We work hard to undermine the prosecution’s evidence against you as well as to gather our own evidence for your defense through activities such as interviewing and re-interviewing witnesses and having medical experts or accident reconstructionists analyze your case.

What If I Just Exaggerated My Claim A Little? Is That Really A Crime?

Yes, exaggerating your damages can indeed be prosecuted as a crime, but you cannot be convicted unless the prosecution proves that the exaggeration was intentional (as opposed to an honest mistake). We will do everything in their power to prevent this from happening.

This brings up an important point:

There are actually two main categories of insurance fraud. “Soft” fraud, which is charged as a misdemeanor, typically covers activities such as exaggerating damages in a car accident. “Hard” fraud, on the other hand, is reserved for more serious acts such as faking a car accident or a property theft. It is almost always punished as a felony and can bring severe penalties. If the evidence against you is too strong to give you a good chance of acquittal in court, your insurance fraud attorney in Los Angeles CA may very well try to provide you some relief by securing a plea deal to reduce a felony fraud charge to a misdemeanor. There are many advantages to this strategy including reducing your potential criminal penalties and also keeping a felony off your record.

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