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This is What You Can Expect from Your Criminal Defense Attorney if You Are Facing Charges of Sex Crimes


This is What You Can Expect from Your Criminal Defense Attorney if You Are Facing Charges of Sex Crimes

September 6, 2019

This is What You Can Expect from Your Criminal Defense Attorney if You Are Facing Charges of Sex Crimes

There is no such thing as a “minor” sex crime charge. Even being accused of this type of crime can ruin your reputation and have a negative impact on you and those who are closest to you. We are living in a time with increased calls to “believe women” who claim to have been sexually abused, yet we are also seeing numerous appeals and cases being subsequently overturned and those convictions later being overturned.

Innocent people go to jail – that is the simple fact of it. If you are facing sex crimes charges, you may believe that there is such a lack of evidence that no judge or jury would convict you. You may believe that your matter is completely hopeless and wonder how you will defend yourself and your reputation against these charges. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, we can tell you that no case is as simple as either of those scenarios. Keep reading to find out how we can help you and then call The Mattern Law Firm at (310) 342-8254 for a free legal consultation.

Some of the Steps We Will Take as Your Defense Firm

If you choose to work with The Mattern Law Firm, we will take whatever steps are necessary to help you defend yourself against the charges that have been filed against you. Our investigator will interview potential witnesses to find any inconsistencies, omissions, or outright lies. The attorney will file motions to have any evidence that was illegally obtained excluded from the record. Also, the attorney can file motions to have statements that were illegally obtained kept out.

We may work with prosecutors in an effort to get your charges reduced or, even dismissed. If you are offered a plea bargain (or “deal”), we will carefully review it with you and advise you on whether we think that it is the right resolution for you. Our goal is to help you get the best deal possible. If your case goes to trial by jury or the court, we will use our expertise to carefully choose jurors, watch out for juror misconduct, and present the best and strongest possible defense for you.

Your Defense Attorney Will Prepare You for the Road Ahead of You

Part of the job of a criminal defense attorney is to build a strong case for you, but our job is also to prepare you for what lies ahead. If you are going to be facing a long trial, we will tell you the truth. We will give you all the information you need to make the most informed decisions and choices for your case.

You deserve a strong and vigorous defense. You deserve an attorney who cares about you and cares about creating the best possible outcome for you. Just contact The Mattern Law Firm at (310) 342-8254 and request a consultation.

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