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We Handle All Sorts of Sex Crime Cases in Cerritos CA


We Handle All Sorts of Sex Crime Cases in Cerritos CA

August 11, 2021
We Handle All Sorts of Sex Crime Cases in Cerritos CA

Thousands of sex crimes occur each year in the state of California. However, many sex crimes are never actually reported. On top of that, there is a slim percentage of sex crimes that are reported but, however, involve a false accusation and are completely fabricated as a form of retaliation against someone like an ex romantic partner.

Either way, when someone is being accused of committing a sex crime, whether one that they did or one that they didn’t actually do, it’s imperative to get a good attorney on board, but not just any attorney, an attorney that specializes in violent crimes like sex crimes. With how serious the consequences for being prosecuted for a sex crime are, it makes perfect sense why hiring the best sex crime attorney possible is a good idea.

Attorney Lisa Mattern is Here to Help

If you’re not sure who to turn to for helping you with your sex crime case in Southern California, know that Attorney Lisa Mattern is the best person for the job. Her level of experience and knowledge surrounding sex crime laws makes her fit for helping her clients win sex crime cases in the state of California.

As a criminal defense attorney, Mattern’s goal is to defend you in the courtroom. She can find and present proof that you didn’t commit the crime that you’re being accused of with the hopes to get you off the hook completely. Or if you did commit the crime, she can help defend you by shutting down the false details and softening the aggressive claims the other party mentions that are set to hurt you more than expected – so that you can potentially get away with less serious charges and milder consequences. Mattern wants justice to be served in the fairest manner possible and wants her clients to feel safe under her care.

Call Lisa Mattern Today for a Sex Crime Case Evaluation in California

Being accused of a sex crime in California can be overwhelming to say the least. The good news is, Lisa Mattern is a very patient, hardworking, and communicative sex crime attorney who can help make your legal struggle less stressful and more successful.

Before hiring Mattern as your lawyer for your case, first get a case evaluation to see if you and Mattern are the best fit for one another. No worries – Mattern doesn’t charge a penny for case evaluations.

Get your free case evaluation today from Attorney Mattern by calling 310-342-8254.

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