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We’ll Handle Your Violent Crime Case in Lancaster CA


We’ll Handle Your Violent Crime Case in Lancaster CA

November 24, 2021
We'll Handle Your Violent Crime Case in Lancaster CA

Violent crimes understandably come with some pretty harsh consequences. Of course, different types of violent crimes, like assault and homicide, can carry very different types and levels of punishments. However, it doesn’t erase the fact that all violent crimes come with a hefty price to pay, often in the form of jail or prison time. To make matters worse, violent crimes can carry severe consequences even long after jail or prison time, like difficulty finding a job, loss of gun rights in the state of California, potential deportation from the United States if you carry an illegal alien status, and so on. So, clearly, violent crimes are nothing to play around with and definitely something you’re going to want to have handled by a Violent Crimes Criminal Defense attorney.

Violent Crime Cases Can Be Difficult to Handle on Your Own

In your head, there’s plenty of proof that you didn’t commit the violent crime you’re being accused of. For instance, you might know they won’t find your DNA on the victim for a sexual assault crime – because there isn’t any – or that you’re most definitely not present on the video or camera footage of you engaging in battery at a public place around your town – since you know for a fact that you weren’t there.

However, things can be more complicated than just this. Would if part of your DNA was present on the scene or on the victim, even though you were not the suspect? Or would if the person on the video or photo footage looks very similar to you? And would if the true suspect admits it was them but then tries to pull you into it, saying you encouraged them to commit the crime from the get-go? It’s situations like these that can make violent crime cases very difficult to handle. As the one accused, you might feel mentally and emotionally exhausted and utterly confused as to how to properly defend yourself.

Hire a Violent Crimes Attorney in Lancaster CA Today

Increase your odds of getting your case dismissed, fewer consequences for your so-called crime, or getting proven completely innocent with a skilled Violent Crimes Attorney, like Lisa Mattern. Lisa Mattern has a lot of experience to help make your situation a lot easier and more convenient for you, as it should be.

Contact Lisa Mattern for a free consultation for your case. Call her today at 310-342-8254.

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