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What Are the Alternative Sentencing Options for Domestic Abuse in California?


What Are the Alternative Sentencing Options for Domestic Abuse in California?

May 27, 2020
What Are the Alternative Sentencing Options for Domestic Abuse in California?

When you’ve been accused of committing domestic violence, one of the first thoughts that runs through your head is, “What will my punishment look like if I get charged?” This would be the concern for anybody, whether or not they’ve actually committed the act. So, it’s only natural to start mentally preparing yourself for facing the worst punishment you could be legally charged with for the crime: county jail or state prison time.

But nobody, not even a guilty individual, wants to face either of the latter two punishments. So, you might start contemplating if there are other ways you can potentially be punished that doesn’t involve being behind bars. Luckily, there are alternative methods of punishment that may be offered to you.

There Are Many Alternative Options.

The legal system is more versatile than people might realize, which is why there are often alternative forms of punishment available for those who have committed violence against their spouse.

Apart from traditional jail or prison time, some 0of the punishments for domestic violence might include:

  • House arrest
  • Drug rehabilitation
  • Weekend jailtime
  • Electronic monitoring
  • Alcoholics Anonymous meetings
  • California drug court
  • Community service
  • Therapy

The Options Available to You Depend on Many Circumstances

Whether you’re offered one or multiple of these alternative sentencing methods depends on several circumstances. The extent of the crime and the injuries involved, how often the crime has been committed (and if it has been multiple times, how far apart incidences were), your intentions behind the crime and ultimately why you committed it, the rest of your criminal history, whether or not drugs or alcohol were involved, and the like.

For serious acts of domestic violence in California, you may or may not be offered any alternative sentencing option other than jail or prison time. You may even have an additional punishment added on, such as monetary fines. In the end, it will be ultimately up to the judge to decide what alternative punishment option(s) may be appropriate, if any.

Get in Touch with a Domestic Violence Attorney Now.

Are you being accused of engaging in physical domestic abuse? Or, is the victim trying to paint you in worse light to attempt to wrongfully increase your charges? You deserve legal justice. With the right attorney, the truth will come out, and your side of the story will be best heard.

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